Zynga, Can We Have YoCash Discount Promos Instead Of YoCoins?

As YoCash items continue to flood the stores on YoVille we have to ask “Where have those YoCash Discounts gone? “

Zynga, from time to time, gives its players incentives to play its highly popular interactive game, YoVille.  These have included things like a 30-50% off Sale on YoVille Items, exclusive item rewards for using partnering companies like American Express and 7/11 and special Weekend Item Collectibles available for a very limited time.  One of the most popular incentive programs Zynga has offered that is almost guaranteed to entice players to spend more is a discount on YoCash and YoCoins offered for sale on the YoVille application.

We’ve seen the YoCoin discount out in abundance, though there’s no certainty as to how many players actually use or benefit from it considering the state of the YoEconomy.  Seasoned players know that the best way to make coins is to purchase YoCash and sell the items in the game for coins to other players.  The exchange rate is sometimes as high as 5000:1, way more lucrative than the 100:1 exchange offered in the YoBank.  Some players may argue that the exchange rate is currently too high or that there are simply too many items for them to keep up with.  And, of course, some people simply cannot afford the cost of buying YoCash.

The few times YoCash prices have been discounted,  players have flocked to spend more than they normally would knowing that the discount was temporary and would only help to grow their YoVille Coin accounts.  So, knowing that your players are spending more and more, wouldn’t it make sense, in a business where people are paying to play, to give them this incentive more often? Wouldn’t it also show more appreciation since the never-ending-flow of YoCash items doesn’t look like it will stop any time soon?

What do you think? Should Zynga focus on YoCash discounts instead of YoCoin discounts? Will you purchase YoCash if it’s for a discounted price? Let us know in the comment section below!

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