YoRehab Fashion Design Contest (Winners Announced)

yoville costume design contestRecently, we held a fashion design contest in the Yoville forums.

The theme of the fashion contest was design your very own “YoRehab Agent”, and we were truly amazed by the result. There are so many talented artists out there in the Yoforums. Out came a variety of secret agent costume designs: the James Bond type, the Matrix Agent type, the Assassin type, the rugged Agent type, and so much more.

The 1st place winner is Skogstroll. Here are his designs:

Click on the images to zoom in…

The 2nd place winner is Hana Yumi. Here are her designs:

Click on the image to zoom in…

Congratulations again to Skogstroll and Hana Yumi! We thank all the participants for joining. You truly gave us a hard time deciding there! ;) We were so amazed that we decided to give all of them prizes. And along the way, YoRehab has adopted a new artist agent in the family. Let’s all welcome Agent Skogstroll! Wanna view the rest of Agent’s Skogstroll’s designs? Check out his own gallery in the YoRehab website! Click HERE.

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—Agent M

We also wanna thank Meowfie for helping us organize the Contest.

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