Express Yourself With YoFashion!

Express Yourself With YoFashion!It is a well-known fact that we all have unique personalities, so how do you go about showing yours off in YoVille? Clothes of course! This is your guide to creating your own Yo Style.

Clothes can reflect your personality, whether you are an introvert or extrovert. In YoVille, you don’t have to worry about what people think of you because you are hidden behind a virtual wall, so you are free to embrace your crazy side.

If you always try to stay in touch with the latest trends, but you don’t find the clothes in fashion reflect your style then you shouldn’t wear them just because they are new. Why not mix things up? How about a 2010 Chick Costume, V-day Nomi Malone Wings and Megan St Patty’s Day glasses? These things were not meant to go together, but if you’re feeling in the mood, why not?Express Yourself With YoFashion!

Experimenting with different stereotypes such as emo, baby, gangster. etc can give you a good starting point on discovering what suits you. Don’t limit yourself to these sterotypes, but make sure you expand your horizons with different colors and styles.

When you get bored of the clothes you have but you don’t have YoCoins to buy something new, you can start to adjust what you have to what you want. Add a vest, some new shoes and some new makeup and it will look totally new and you’ll be free to strut your stuff around the ‘Ville. Just remember to be creative and original, there are so many possibilities for a great outfit.

Another thing to think about is using the opposite sex’s wardrobe. You can almost certainly find an item that will compliment your outfit and make you the envy of your friends. Hair is also a good way of showing off the sassy side, YoVille doesn’t really cater for the females with short hair so using male hairs can help you create your ideal image.

The bottom line is your clothes should reflect the person you really are and not the person others would want you to be. Don’t let prejudices prevent you from expressing your character and your true personality.

Do you have your own Yo Style? What is your favourite outfit? Let us know in the comment section below.

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