Bringing YoSexy Back

With the bevy of new yoApparel, there should be absolutely nothing stopping you from bringing YoSexy back to YoVille. With the new romantic and Moroccan themes, we’re seeing more YoSexyVillans all over the place.  The Ville is now becoming more of a show place to bring yoSexy back and to get yoGroove , yoSwag, yoMac on and poppin’! We once complained that we didn’t have enough clothes and *BAM* … gowns, dresses, suits, hats, crowns, hair, makeup, earrings, tattoos … you name it, they gave it to us.  (Well, with the exception of

some kinky twists and curls for the ladies, I hear you!)  But ladies, we do now have so many unbeWeavable hair choices and eye makeup to captivate, capture and conquer any YoDude on YoBoulevard!

The guys have top hats, low hats, side hats, bald fades, corn rows afros to seal the deal to win the heart of their chosen YoBabe.  Not to mention, they now have rockin’ hard abs to arouse yoImagination ladies.  (woot, woot!)

So, if  yoSexy ain’t ‘twerkin, hop in yoRide and head to the Fashion Store and Bring yoSexy Back to YoVille!  If you haven’t upgraded yoRide from yoDesigns to a Real YoMobile, head on over to the Car Store and pick up yellow Italian, Orange Monster, 57 Hot Red, or for the eco-conscious YoVillan, the Red Electric car.  Any one of these are sure to boost your yoStock within the Ville and Bring YoSexy Back.

It may be stressful to some, but dang if it doesn’t make you feel good once you put your hottest look together!  So, get with it.  How do you bring YoSexyBack to YoVille? Tell us in the comment section below :)

~ Agent DoubleD ~

For the Grown & Sexy Crowd (Over & Out) *wink*

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