7 Deadly YoSins Series:: Animation Overload

seven deadly yosinsIn recent articles, we have discussed different “Seven Deadly YoSins”. The following sin is something everyone has probably done during their YoLife. It is something that many people have also kicked people out of their houses for. This article is going to discuss what may be one of the most common YoSins, Animation Overload.

Why Is This A Sin?

Wearing animated items is sometimes fun. Driving around YoVille in your new car or riding the latest animal around. Wings, sparklers, halos….we are seeing more and more animated items in YoVille. Which does add some fun to the game, but the fact of the matter is, when you or others are wearing any animated items, the town of YoVille becomes what lots of people fondly call “LagVille”. Sometimes it gets so bad that your game can freeze.

In addition, there are people that will purposely wear as many animated items as they can just so other people have to refresh the game. The lag from animated items is so bad that when people make events, many of them say no animated items allowed. If people show up at these events with animated items, they are asked to remove them or they usually get kicked.

Why Do People Commit This Sin?

So if this is a sin, why do people still do it? Well, many people think that since these items were released into the game, that they are free to wear them. They think that since their computers are fast enough to handle the animation, all computers are able to handle it. Sadly, not all computers can handle the animation from the items.

In conclusion, animated items lag the game horribly. But many people still choose to wear them. Some people even wear them on purpose to cause other players to lag.

What is your opinion? Why do you wear them? What do you think about people who cause Animation Overload? Who is to blame for the lag? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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