TOS: The Importance Of Reading And Understanding It

TOSReading the terms of service for Facebook and Zynga is very important. Taking the time to do so is the most helpful key to preventing disabling and/or banning of accounts.

Facebook and Zynga both have a TOS or “Terms Of Service” agreement, which we all agree to upon using the services they offer.

When it comes to reading this agreement while starting up a Facebook or Zynga game account, many feel the need to just ignore these rules for many think that these are usually very long and may somewhat be annoying to read. However, no matter how long these things may be, we always have to keep in mind that it is of utmost importance that we read the terms/rules we are agreeing to every time we join a game, a social network, a forum, or even when we just view a website. All these games, social networks, forums, and websites have their own terms of service that they follow and expect us to follow as well.

A TOS agreement usually consists of the rules that users must follow, the rights and responsibilities of both the company and the user, and many more important information.

Disabled or banned accounts, and other punishments in a lot of cases are a result of site users not reading these Terms of Service, or not taking them seriously. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. Have you used Facebook for personal family albums and video?
  2. If so,  would being locked out of your account be a big deal to you?
  3. Do you use the Zynga gaming site and have invested a lot on the game?

Without access to your account linked to your games; the games become unavailable to you. Losing the rights to access your favorite games can become very upsetting. Players that enjoy purchasing game currencies maybe unaware that if the TOS is violated; Zynga is not obligated to reimburse any losses they may incur.


Most players know that scamming and hacking are reasonable grounds for termination to their accounts, but players need to be aware that something as simple as a friend gifting you their account for any reason; is strictly against the TOS when accessing that account without Zynga’s permission.


Facebook does give some warnings when you are violating their TOS. Such as the following that is given while sending friend requests. Sending a friend request to someone whom you don’t know is considered spam when reported. This also is grounds for the administrator to disable your account after being warned.




Here are some helpful links for you to use if you find yourself in one of the follow situations.

Do you have any questions regarding the terms of service agreements? What are your concerns? Please take a moment to share in the comment box below.

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