The Car Dealership is a Pop Up?

Thank you, Zynga, for the new cars! We love love loooove them oh so much! Now all we need is a nice car dealership we can actually visit! Please, please, please can you grant our wish? Don’t get us wrong, we love that we can buy cars from the comforts of our own home, but don’t you think we’ve had too much of pop up’s already?

Have we not complained enough about how much pop up’s annoy us? Have we not made enough threads in the forums ranting and complaining about the never ending pop up’s that seem to get bigger and bigger every week? Never mind that we freeze 15 seconds before each gigantic add-more-neighbors pop up, but making the car dealership a pop up store is just taking it to a different level! Aside from owning the cars and driving them around Yoville, most of us were actually anticipating how the car dealership would look. Most of us were actually excited to be able to head to the map and find a giant parking lot with lots of colorful cars to choose from. Or just simply a car dealership we can visit, or use to hang out with our friends! A pop up was simply not what we expected for the car store. But other than that, we love the new car feature :)

What do you think of the new car dealership pop up store? Was it what you were expecting? Tell us in the comment section below :)

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