Proposed Trading Solution: Join The Yo Fight To Save Our Real Fingers!

Trading SolutionHave you ever thought of how many times you’ve clicked that 1,000 coin button all throughout your Yo Life?

Have you ever wanted to scream after putting 750,000 coins in the trade box only to have it cancelled for some unknown reason? It’s undeniable that YoVille’s trading aspect is one of the most addicting parts of the game. The ability to trade virtual goods in a  real time virtual environment has drawn not only gamers, but shopaholics as well.

For avid traders and YoHoarders, buying items worth hundreds of thousands of coins or even millions has become a normal occurrence. Many players find themselves struggling to feel their hands after buying an item worth 2 Million coins, for example. While others on the other hand, have found themselves with one arm bigger than the other. While others would love to grow muscles without the pain of having to lift weights, I highly doubt that they only want it on one arm.

If you’re an avid YoVille trader, then you probably know that you’re in danger of getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome–wherein you’d feel numbness in your hands and wrists that sometimes radiates to your forearm. The pain sometimes can be too much that it wakes people up, and sometimes may even be accompanied by a burning sensation. And the most common cause?

The Most Common Cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a “muscle imbalance ” in the hand and forearm due to overuse. ~RepetitiveStrain.com

Yup, one way or another, all that clicking will take its toll on us. But lucky for us, there are always solutions:

  • Additional 10K or 100K button?

YoVille trade

Can you imagine how much less clicking we’ll be doing?

  • Type in amount instead of clicking?

YoVille trade

Definitely every YoHoarder’s dream!

If you’re fingers hurt and you’re too tired to click.. Or if you want to go on a shopping spree without worrying about getting Carpal Tunnel, make sure to let Zynga know by replying in the official petition in the YoVille Forum—>> http://forums.yoville.com/showthread.php?747477

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