Is Yoville Turning into North Pole?

It seems that Winter has arrived early in our little town of Yoville. As new features arrive weekly, it cannot be denied that it’s previous heat is now slowly turning into ice, and the never ending lag and loading problems are slowly freezing players out of the game.

Most players are not able to enjoy going online and joining their buddies as much as they used to. Some of them freeze the moment they click “Sign on” in their buddy list, while others just have their Flash players crash altogether. And it’s not just the Buddy List, it’s in the events as well. When players head to events, they freeze for a few seconds to a minute upon entering the room. A lot of players are disappointed they can’t hold sales without freezing, lagging, and getting booted off the server.

Auctions are becoming unbearable as well. Some players are reporting that they get kicked out of the server, and are forced to refresh every time the owner has to edit the room to place certain items down. Clearly, the lagging, freezing, and loading issues in Yoville is getting way out of hand. So much so that many players have turned to the Yoville Forum and to other Facebook pages to hold sales, and to buy things. But even the new Yoville Forum now has a lot of glitches. Not only is it not compatible with other browsers, but it’s been made more complicated as well.

And let’s not forget about the new cars. Not only have they become incredibly slow, but they have been causing a lot of lag everywhere in the game as well. Don’t get us wrong Zynga, we are not just complaining for the heck of it. I personally believe that virtual games will get even bigger in the near future, and I certainly hope that Yoville will still be there when it happens. The concept of the Yoville game we love sooo much is so unique that it allows us to live in our very own virtual world that appears to be a perfect assimilation of the real one.

But let’s face it, in the real world, most people will not survive moving at a snail pace. People will not make it if they are stuck in slow motion. And the same goes for Yoville. No one wants to keep refreshing every few minutes because of lagging and freezing problems. No one wants to waste 5 minutes of their time frozen just because they clicked “Sign on” in their buddy list. So please, Zynga, before you introduce another “cool new feature” again, please fix the more important ones first–lagging, loading, and freezing issues.

What do you think? Is freezing getting way out of hand? Is Yoville turning into North Pole? Should something be done? Tell us in the comment section below! And if you’ve experienced any of these, don’t forget to share them with us as well :) If you think Zynga should fix these issues as soon as possible, hit the “LIKE“, “SHARE“, and “TWEET” buttons :)

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