Can We Have More Control Over Our Buddy List?

Yoville Neighbors/Crew: Advantages and Disadvantages, Pro's Con'sWe’ve all seen desperate “Add me/need crew/neighbors” spams everywhere in Facebook.

It seems a lot of YoVille players are in dire need to find crew members or neighbors, and because of this people have started creating Crew Finder groups and pages in YoVille. But these spams never seem to stay in one place. They’re not only in crew finder pages, but in the YoVille facebook page, to the YoRehab page, YFM Page, RFM page, and so on and so forth. But what is it about finding crew members that a lot are turning their spamming skills on just to find them?

Having a lot of Yoville neighbors/crew can give you great advantage in the game! Simply because more crew means more gifts, more help when we need co-signers, and more coins from factory and coin runs! Who wouldn’t want that right? Apparently, no matter how good this sounds, there are some disadvantages to it. So what’s the catch?

Issue #1:

Everyone that we add to our crew can see exactly how many coins and how much yocash you have. When adding people for crew we don’t always have time to do a detailed check to make sure they aren’t hackers or scammers.

Proposed Solution:

Our coins and cash amounts being open to the public simply serves as a huge temptation for some people to do evil things. We definitely should be entitled to more customizable privacy settings to keep our accounts safe from the wandering eyes and evil minds of scammers and hackers. It simply poses a big discomfort that someone somewhere in our crew members can see exactly how much we have.

Issue #2:

Well these crew members are stickers. Once you add them in your crew, it seems like they’re stuck permanently in your buddy list. As a result, it’s simply impossible to sign on to your buddy list without freezing or crashing all together. So what then should be done?

Proposed Solution:

We definitely lag more than ever when we have more crew members, making us not be able to make use of our buddy list to meet up and hang out with our friends. Instead, we’re forced to remain permanently offline in Yoville simply because we don’t want to wait 5 minutes frozen in the game, or have our flash players crash on us. Some of us are even forced to create events or meet in other events just to be able to join and hang out with our friends.

We need the option to delete our crew members from our buddy list without losing the benefits of a large crew. Since its called a “buddy list” and not a “Crew list” then it should be limited to our “buddies” only. If we’re able to do this, it will definitely decrease all the lag we experience in the game.

What are your thoughts on this, do you feel that your coins and cash should be hidden, and your buddy list limited to buddies only? Tell us what you think in the comment section below :) And don’t forget to Like. Share. Love and Spaaam!

-Agent GiGi xRfMx

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