YoJealousy rears its ugly head in many ways, some mild forms and some extreme. An event that occurred just a few days ago gave prime examples of how YoJelaousy can effect people.

YoVille is a great place to be. It is a game; a game to be played and enjoyed. A source of fun and relaxation, a time for friends and a place to meet with them and enjoy their company whilst having fun. YoVille is somewhere to be creative and enjoy your hobbies whether it be dressing up,  socialising, decorating, buying, selling, chilling, chatting or whatever you want to do there.

It is also a place where feelings run high. Jealously being one of the main contenders for YoFeelings.

YoJealousy in and around YoVille presents itself in many ways, but is often apparent and never far away. The forms it presents in are bullying, hacking, scamming, stalking, general meaness and spiteful behaviour to name but a few.

A prime example of this reared its ugly head over the past week after a situation which occurred on YoVille.com. In the early hours of Friday morning a week ago, a glitch occurred which meant that many items in discontinued categories became available for general purchase on YoVille.com. This apparent glitch coincided with the announcement of a player appreciation weekend of events. One could not be sure that this was not part of it as there was to be the removal of many categories from the stores at the end of this, including the short time release of Burlesque items.

News spread like wildfire of the opportunity to buy many items from themes dating back as far as 2009 and as many people that got word, set about buying all the items they had missed or may have wished for from these themes. Some bought what they wanted or needed and some stocked up for selling as is what always happens when items become available for purchase.

After a period of time had passed, it was made apparent that this was a glitch and was being worked on and the discontinued items were soon made again unavailable to buy. Fun was had by some, but not all, as soon came to light.

As others surfaced after the ‘sale’, some were angered to have missed it. There were many that had not come online in time to take advantage of the accidental sale. Some wished others well for what they had been able to buy, some made it clear that they were unhappy due to making an ‘investment’ into items that had become freely available to others after the event which they assumed would result in the items becoming worthless. Some were downright angry.

The ones that were angry were branding the happy shoppers as cheats and unethical and demanding that the items were snatched back from the lucky ones as they should not have taken advantage of such a glitch. If the items weren’t to be snatched back then they demanded equal treatment, to be allowed to shop for or request the items that they too wanted to own.

Some professed to have known about the accidental sale but to have ignored it knowing that it was wrong to take advantage. A weak argument given the fact that YoCash was purchased by many and in abundance to pay for the items as well as YoCoins. The items were not stolen and in fact this was most probably one of the most profitable days of the last 12 months for Zynga.

It was made clear shortly after that no action would be taken against those who had bought items, or according to the scorned ones had ‘dared to buy’.  This angered the few scorned latecomers more, some of which at this point were threatening to leave YoVille never to return.

Such a contrast to the latecomers, who also didn’t get to buy, that simply said ‘Oh well, how nice for those that did’ or those that wished well to the ones that got items that normally they wouldn’t be able to afford in normal game-play due to their inability to access YoCash or those who had limited funds.

YoJealousy – is it a choice? Is it a disposition? Are the YoJealous simply spoilt individuals who think they deserve to have all? What do you think about those who are YoJealous? We would love to hear your thoughts on this. Please share your comments in the box below.

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