Yo Urban Myths: True or False?

Yo Urban Myths are running rampant in YoVille, and while we try to stay atop of the latest breaking news, hold exciting nonstop contests, have the most up-to-date price guide and provide our fans with great customer service, we don’t always have enough time to get all the facts on most of your concerns regarding glitches, scams, hacks, rumors, etc.  So, we decided to dedicate a segment on Yo Urban Myths to see if we can bring some truth (or falseness) to many issues that concern our fans.

But, we need your help!  So here’s your chance to put on your YoInvestigator/Detective hats and help us crack some of these cases. We will give you a few of the myths/rumors that we’ve heard, and we need your input on solving them! If you or any of your friends have experienced any of the following, share your stories with us!

  • Case One:  Fake Coins

A recent post on the Yoville forums suggested that some people are using fake coins in trades. Now we do know that back in 2009, many players have reported being scammed by fake coins. They would sell items in the forums and in game and end up getting nothing in return for their items simply because the coins that they were traded were FAKE. While it has been announced that this was solved already, many players still continue to report experiencing the fake coin hack/scam. Now the question is, are fake coins back? Were they ever really solved? Or have they always been around?

  • Case Two:  Tradeable YoCash

Many have seen the photo in the Yoville forums where a forum user said she was in trade with someone and they placed 5 yocash in the trade box.  How is this possible?  Who was she trading with?  Is this really true? Or is the trade window with the yocash photoshopped?

  • Case Three: Mystery Deal Glitch

Rumors are spreading fast that a lot of players are seemingly taking advantage of a glitch with the Mystery Deals. Some of the Mystery Deals containing FREE deals are apparently being abused by other players. A few have reported and have even gone to the extent of posting to their Facebook walls that continuous clicking has gotten them hundreds if not thousands of FREE items from the Mystery Deals. Others on the other hand have claimed that they have received thousands of Yocash from the glitch. Is this true? Is Zynga yet again fighting off another glitch?

Now that you’ve heard these rumors and myths that everyone has been buzzing about, it’s now your turn to share your story with us! Have you experienced any of the cases mentioned? Have you heard anything about them? Share them with us in the comment section below :)

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Debunking the Myths & Getting Down with the Get Down!

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