What’s Up With The Kickers?

Scandals Drama Gossip DefaultThe kick feature in YoVille is just too irresistible for some players. They will ‘kick’ a person for no apparent reason whatsoever.




Kicking definitely serves a good purpose at times. Have you ever had a sale event or been at one where there is a person that is a YELLER? Every word from that shows up on the screen from that person is the internet equivalent of yelling. Their yelling begins the moment they come through the door. I BUY I BUY is splattered on the screen and they haven’t been in the room for 5 seconds. They don’t even know what it is that they are buying, but by golly they are BUYING it! Many sale owners just give them ‘the kick’ which they have earned and the sale continues on a more pleasant note.

The Event Board will actually give the rude players a glimpse of the fate that awaits them for their rudeness. In the comment section below the name of the event, these words (or something very similar) can be seen: ‘Be nice or I kick’. To enter that room YELLING is an invitation to receive ‘the kick’. They might as well just come in waving a florescent pink KICK ME banner.

Then we have the sellers that pull this baffling move. This usually happens when the seller has one item to be sold, like a hairs or a rare. You negotiate the price, make the trade and before you can type ‘Ty’ you find yourself looking at the pop-up window that says the owner has kicked you out of their apartment. There you stand, in the Alton Towers courtyard, wondering if the trade even went through because you got ‘the kick’ so quickly! You head home to check your inventory.

This next ‘kick’ is ‘the kicker’ of all time. Let’s say you go to a hairs sale. It is crammed full of YoVillians. There are soooo many hairs your little Yo-heart skips a beat. You think to yo-self ‘this is where I am gonna find the HS Blonde Pigtails’. You are filled with hope. The seller has beautifully displayed each hairs in a brass picture frame and if you click on the picture frame you get a lovely close-up of the hairs, complete with a price. Being a thoughtful shopper you have not worn any of your animations to avoid creating room lag. You move into the room to avoid blocking the door and find a place to stand while you peruse all the many frames for your dream hair. You aren’t talking. You are just standing there looking at hairs. The seller has not said a word to you and IT HAPPENS…you get ‘the kick’. For no reason that you can determine, you find yourself at the courtyard. What’s up with that? You could go back to that sale, if it’s still listed, and earn a good ‘kick’ but why bother. To do that let’s ‘the kicker’ know that they got to you and you will only find yourself back in the courtyard anyway.

Are you a ‘kicker’? Most especially are you a ‘kicker’ that ‘kicks’ your fellow YoVillians for no apparent offense at all? As a ‘kickee’ how did it make you feel to receive an undeserved ‘kick’? Please tell us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from  you!

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