The Bwaby Phenomenon

yoville babiesThere is a phenomenon in Yoville that is confusing yet very interesting.

It is something that many people do for different reasons. It’s also something that many people apparently hate. What am I talking about? Yoville Babies, aka YoBwabies– the people that dress, talk, and act like children in our little YoVille world.

Some people think that Yobwabies aren’t a big deal. People play Yoville and pretend to be different genders, different races, and different people all together. So what is wrong with pretending to be a kid, a toddler, or a newbworn? But more importantly, what really drives someone to act like a child? Over the last week, I have spoken to many of these bwabies, and have discovered many reasons for why they act they way they do.

The main reason bwabies act like they do is money. Lots of people in Yoville like to have families, and a natural part of a family is a child. In real life, parents are in charge of providing for their children, and the same goes with YoVille. Many bwabies expect an allowance, or a certain item from their mwommies and dwaddies. For example, if a bwaby got an allowance of 200 coins a day, that would be an extra 1,400 coins a week for them. Many bwabies I have spoken to have actually gotten thousands of Yocoins and Yocash items because of this. Some of them earned even more because they have multiple families. But money is not necessarily the reason why Yobwabies exist in YoVille.

Some people do it to feel like children again–to be young again. They like the fact that someone loves them unconditionally and takes care of them, even if it’s only in a pixelated world. They don’t care about the money, they just want to be loved. Others,on the other hand, do it to let off some steam, because they can hide behind their avatar and treat anyone anyway they want. And since  bwabies have a bad reputation most of the time, it is the easiest way to act bad.

Many bwabies I spoke to were nice, kind, and welcoming. But bwabies aren’t all sugar, spice, and everything nice. There are many that are rude, disrespectful, and have a fondness for reporting people when people refuse to do what they want. Many people think that this is just because they are pretending that they are children. But there are people in YoVille that act the same way without wearing pajamas and holding a Bunny Teddy. What’s important to know is that not all Yobwabies are the same. So it is important not to generalize them.

In closing, YoBwabies can be annoying, vindictive, and inappropriate at times, but some of them are just actors trying to make a few coins, and most of them are actually really kind and welcoming. Bwabies aren’t just one thing of another. There are many different types of them… just like there are lots of different people that play YoVille. You can hate them, you can love them, but remember that there is an actual person behind that avatar.

Have you ever encountered a Yobwaby while scouring the events? Say 123 if… I mean share your experience with us in the comment section below!

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—Agent Lithium

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