TeamViewer: What Is All The Hype About?

Scandals Drama Gossip DefaultWhen you’re browsing through events, does it ever occur to you there are more than a few commenting on TeamViewer? Have you ever wondered what that is, and if you should see what it’s about? Here is a bit of insight on the program, and this should allow you to make your own decision based on the information provided.The non-stop events luring unsuspecting YoVillians in are seen almost everyday. Some people may see this as bad, others have a different view.  Recently, we had the opportunity to get opinions from both sides and even tried it out to give the best information on the program. Our first opinion on TeamViewer, comes from an acutal user who wishes to remain Anonymous:

We asked the Anonymous Interviewee-

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is a program that allows another person to control your computer from remote access.

What does it do to another user’s computer?

TeamViewer gives access to join their screen, giving you access to see and control everything. You can also send files.

How do you gain access to the other user’s computer?

You can control the computer if you have the other person’s ID and password.

Do you feel TeamViewer is safe to use?

TeamViewer is safe, you can also limit the user that is connecting to your controls. At the bottom there is a tab, you can click it and open it. One of the icons allows so the user connecting to you can not click on anything. There is a spot that will say password strength for spontaneous access and you click on the one and put very secure whichewould have a 10 character password.

We asked another person with no knowledge of TeamViewer based on what they have heard about it. Here is the opposing view of TeamViewer. We also decided to keep this interview Anonymous.

What is TeamViewer?

Isn’t that the thing that let’s you view screens? Kind of like a hacking program I thought.

What does it do to another user’s computer?

I’m not really sure, never tried it.

Would you ever try it?

Probably not, I have no idea what it could do to my account or computer.

How did you hear about TeamViewer?

I heard about it from YoVille and from events.

Do you feel TeamViewer is safe?

TeamViewer is NOT safe, unless you know the person.

The Second interview was much shorter due to a lack of knowledge on the program. As you can see, there are very different views on it. One of our very own had the opportunity to try out TeamViewer, and here’s what she had to say on it.

I had the opportunity to try out TeamViewer, and it was very different I must say. I tried it both ways, controlling the other user’s computer and them controlling mine. I wouldn’t suggest someone who is newer to the program use it with someone else they do not trust. It’s a complex program that goes very in depth in sharing screens, but can also be helpful to those who use it for the right purpose. Depending on who you’re sharing with makes or breaks the program for another user.

Some of the other Agent’s also had a view on the program. Most use it for work related projects, such as showing one another how to do something from another location. As far as YoVille  goes, be sure to be very weary of who you decide to TeamView with. The outcome could be catastrophic if you don’t know what you’re doing. You could be sitting there watching your whole account get emptied out and not be able to do anything about it. Some would consider this a scam and they would be correct.

Tips for using TeamViewer:

  1. Never TeamView with someone you don’t know.
  2. Be sure you can trust the other individual.
  3. Don’t go to random events stating they show you how to xxx via TeamViewer.

What are your opinions on TeamViewer? Did the article present information you didn’t know? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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