Pricing Glitch With Fun Fair Items Fixed

DramaPricing glitches happened with the Fun Fair theme. Zynga gives us a statement regarding the problem.We have experienced some pricing glitches in the Fun Fair theme. Several items that were YoCash became YoCoin, and several items that were YoCoin became YoCash. Additionally several YoCash items raised in price! There was a lot of drama over this as can be read about in our previous article “Players Outraged Over Price Changes”.

Zynga has now responded and is working to correct the problem. They will also be refunding YoCash to those that paid the inflated prices. Follow the forum thread here to learn more and see what your neighbors are saying.

Were you impacted by the higher prices? Did some of the items you purchased change from YoCash to YoCoin or YoCoin to YoCash? Tell us about it below!

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