Players Outraged Over Price Changes

After another Fun Fair release in YoVille, there seems to be big problems with some of the items. 

It seems that many players have noticed item price changes in some of the items that came with yesterday’s release. In fact, there are many items showing they are purchasable for 0 coins, YoCash prices upped on items, and even some coin items changed to YoCash and vice versa. There is something seriously wrong with this picture. There is a long forum thread regarding this issue, and players are voicing their disgust and outrage. You can see what your fellow YoVillians are saying by clicking here.

Right now, players are reporting that there are at least 18 items that have had price changes. Some of the items include the fun toys stall, fun circus stage, fun gazebo of love, and many more. Here is a list compiled by YoVille Forum User pgrant:

Fun Fair price changes
From Wonder Pack
1. Fun toys stall ( original price 4yc ) now 6yc
2. Circus door ( original price 2yc ) now 4yc
3. Lion Door ( original price 4yc ) now 6yc
4. Clown door ( original price 5yc ) now 6yc
5. Fun stage ( original price 6yc ) now 5yc
6. Animated stage lights ( original price 2yc ) now 3yc
7. Animated Whack a Mole ( original price 4yc ) now 15yc 
8. Claw machine ( original price 3yc ) now 1,199 coins
9. Circus Stage ( original price 4yc ) now 6yc

From Fun Zone
1. Hippo Mascot ( original price 1,399 coins ) now 699 coins
2. Dino Balloon ( original price 2yc ) now 1,099 coins
3. Carnival poster ( original price 699 coins ) now 499 coins
4. Magician Table ( original price 899 coins ) now 3yc
5. Magician mirror ( original price 899 coins ) now 3yc
6. Performance stage ( original price 3yc ) now 2yc
7. Stage lights ( yellow, green, red , blue ) original price 2yc- Now 3yc
8. Ladder ( original price 899 coins ) now 799 coins

From Love Pack
1. Animated Gazebo ( original price 15yc ) now 23yc
2. Heart seat ( original price 8yc ) now 9yc
3. Hot air Balloon ( original price 7yc ) now 6yc
4. Animated doves ( original price 4yc ) now 5yc
5. Heart Pool ( original price 12yc now 15yc
6. Sunflower arch ( original price 1599 coins ) now 2yc
7. Daisy arch ( original price 1599 coins ) now 3yc

* There was also a price adjustment for the house. It went from 42 YoCash to 45 YoCash*

Ruby Ninja has popped in and out of the thread to assure players that it has been reported, but it doesn’t look like the players are satisfied with that answer. Until we have further information, this is all we can offer players. As soon as something is said in the forums, we will update you.

What do you think of this? Have you been affected by this craziness? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

*Special thanks to pgrant for her letting us use the list she complied*

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