Missing Eyes: Lost And Found

yovilleNEWSdefault-copyWhen a new line hits the stores, some YoVillians rush to the stores. They want to be among the first to be adorned in the new hairs, eyes or costume. Some of us wait, we go window shopping. We try things on and go hmmmm. We wait to see what it looks like on someone else. Experience has taught us that what looks amazing in the ‘try it on’ window isn’t how it actually appears in the game.

Recently, some great items appeared in the Wild West Fashion line. There were many items to try on and consider purchasing. The Lionell Eyes in blue were a must have for this YoVillian. They are bright beautiful blue with thick ‘come get me’ liner, and they looked awesome in the ‘try it on’ window, only costing 5 YoCash. Who could resist? A purchase was made. That was a few days ago. The time came today to wear the new blue eyes. I clicked the sunglass icon, went to ‘face’ then ‘eyes’ (of course), and NO new eyes. Surely they had been purchased….or had they? Double checked the ‘eyes’ just to be sure they weren’t way at the bottom or missed. Panic set in…what if they were no longer in the store (gasp)? It happens you know, for whatever reason Zynga will put something in the store and then *poof* it just disappears. Thank goodness the stores are open 24-7 in our little pixel world. Relief, the eyes were still there, just waiting to be paid for.

I went to put them on, and again NO EYES!! Double checked the eyes AGAIN and they were not there. Then, a little voice said ‘remember the kitty whiskers, they weren’t in costumes, they were in ‘item’. Checked in ‘item’ and NO EYES. ‘Refresh’ said the little voice. Refreshing fixes a great many things in YoVille, but it did not make the eyes appear in ‘eyes’ or ‘item’. But they were in ‘make-up’. They aren’t called make-up but that’s where they were, BOTH pairs of them! Which means 5 YoCash was spent on pair of eyes (previously purchased) that could have been spent on something else. Don’t you hate when that happens?


Here is the moral to the story: Remember to check for things in places that don’t seem logical or make sense before you spend more YoCash, think that you’ve been hacked, or that the seller at the sale ripped you off.

Has this happened to you? If you have never purchased an item that showed up in an odd catergory, would you have known to look in strange places for it? Was this article helpful? Tell us in the comments section below, we love to hear from you!

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