Love And Romance YoVille Style Part I

YoVilleIt’s been happening since the dawn of YoVille. People meet, flirt and develop a relationship, but is it safe? Is it really love?

The Mission: find a YoVillian in a YoVille relationship that was willing to speak honestly on this topic. Heading down to the Alton Towers Courtyard, hopeful of success, I met Steel (name used with permission).

How old are you? 23.

How long have you been playing YoVille? About 9 months.

Why do you play YoVille? I enjoy meeting people. I met my girlfriend in YoVille.

How long have you been dating in YoVille? About 6 months, we’re married in YoVille.

Have you met on FaceBook? She’s seen my picture, but I haven’t seen hers yet, her profile picture is of her cat.

Would you say that you have real feelings for her? Yes, she wants to meet me in RL.

Why haven’t you met yet? She lives 4 hours away from where I live. Also, this is not a good time for me. When I meet her, I want it to be good.

Most residents of YoVille know that there are two servers. One for adults, the other for kids, but, there seems to be an abundance of children on the adult server. Some are very young, under the age of 10, hiding that truth very well. On screen they give the appearance of being much more grown-up and mature than they actually are. They type fast, spell extremely well, are shrewd traders and look much older than they really are wearing Vegas bunny ears, make-up, NYC pulled back hairs and a corset. These youngsters practice being grown-ups in YoVille in a way they can’t in real life. YoVille provides them with the ability to create an illusion that in reality can’t be duplicated. They go to the Sky Nightclub and pretend they are drinking, complete with being dizzy from the Blue Lizzy. In YoVille we all can be any age we want to be. The 8 year old girl can be 16. The 67 year old man (or woman) can be 28. As much fun as YoVille is, it also comes with an element of risk for the person looking to flirt or date, especially with so many children on the adult server. How many players stop to consider ‘who is this person I am chatting with?’. It is a question that should be asked often. With reality clouded by the appearance of the Avatars it is easy to get caught up in the moment, especially if we are looking to flirt.

Steel, how do you know that your GF isn’t 8 years old, you haven’t seen her picture: Because we chatted on the phone once for a few hours. I could tell from her voice.

Steel’s GF has a FB profile picture of a cat. They haven’t met in RL. They have chatted on the phone once. Is this a safe situation for Steel or his GF?

For many YoVillians it is just a game. Their time in YoVille is dominated with trading or decorating. There is always something to do in YoVille that is a great way to escape the stresses and worries of RL. There are pageants, maxing and photo-op events to attend. YoVille is a busy place with a plethora of activities to enjoy.

Are you a parent of a child that plays YoVille on the adult server and if you are, does this YoVille dating concern you? Are you a parent of child that plays YoVille on the child server and if so do you worry about adults showing up on that server? Have you had a romance that began in YoVille that led to a real life relationship?

Love And Romance YoVille Style…How Safe Is It? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

(Special thanks to Steel for this interview ~Q~)

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