Inflation: 2008 Costume Prices Soar

08 COSTUME PRICE SOARZynga has said it before and we will say it again. Collectibles are the only ones that will not be re-released.

So there is a possibility that costumes and furniture that are not collectibles could be released again–including 2008 costumes.

Before the first batch of the Halloween 2010 line was released, the 2008 costume trade was seemingly put to a halt because of the fast spreading rumors that 2008 costumes will be re-released come Halloween time. Considering these 2008 costumes were going for hundreds of thousands to millions of coins, the very high coin value at stake inevitably spread fear amongst costume sellers and buyers. A lot were afraid of losing on their investments, while others just plainly refused to risk it. At one point, it seemed like 2008 costume trade centers were crowded by scared buyers, and desperate sellers–whether they admit it or not. Thus, this caused a lot of costume prices to either remain stagnant, or drop in price.

Halloween costume announcement

On October 7th, an announcement was made by Platinum Ninja regarding the re-release of Mistress of the Night Costume and Frankenstein Costume from 2009.

Hey Everyone,

Due to popular demand we will be re-releasing the following items from 2009:

- Mistress of the Night Dress
- Frankenstein 2009
- Frankenstein Hair
- Bride of Frankenstein Hair

We want to be able to give you all the opportunity to buy the Frankenstein Costumes and Hairs. Last year these hairs were rentable, and since we have made hairs permanent we want to allow you to have this item as a permanent item and also to be able to enjoy the costume that goes with these hairs.

At this time we do not plan to re-release any other 2009 or 2008 Costumes. These costumes listed above will hopefully be going out tonight! We also hope you enjoy a ton of new costumes coming your way!! Just saw a few and they look like a lot of fun!

- Platinum Ninja

Since this announcement, prices for 2008 costumes have skyrocketed. Partnered with the 2010 version of the 2008 Nature Woman costume, many players believed that 2008 costumes–Nature Woman/Man especially– were safe from being re-released. Many players felt that it was safe to buy them again. And instantly, events left and right about buying 2008 costumes–Nature Woman especially–flooded the game. And just like in any economy, this high demand over the costumes, caused prices to skyrocket. And a lot of the old costumes have surprisingly reached their all time high in a matter of days, if not hours.

We at YoRehab list down prices of items as to how much they are BOUGHT, and we compile them in the price guide. As long as we see costumes being bought at high prices, we have no choice but to record them whether or not we like it. We do get blamed for the high prices. Actually, we get blamed for almost all. But as a price guide and a fan site, we are prepared for that. We are often accused of controlling prices. But what people do not know is that only YOU guys are the ones that can control the prices–the buyers and the sellers. As long as you are willing to buy these costumes for high prices, they will remain high. Prices will only drop if buyers refuse to buy them for millions of coins. Thus, the most basic Law of Supply and Demand.

Many people on our YoRehab Debates page said that 2008 costumes were too expensive before the price increase, and now players have to spend even more money to get the coveted costumes they want. But how much is too much? Have the prices of 2008 costumes increased so much that only the ultra rich can afford them? Tell us what you think about the sudden increase of 2008 costumes in the comment section below. Be nice, do not use profanity, and please do not attack each other.

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-Agent Lithium

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