Fear And Prejudice In YoVille

Scandals Drama Gossip DefaultHitting the streets of YoVille the mission was to find someone willing to share their thoughts and feelings on a very sensitive subject: Prejudice. Would there be a person brave enough to admit to being prejudice? Yes, there was.

Our interviewee requested anonymity. She considered using an alias, but changed her mind, choosing to remain anonymous. Her concern was that no matter what name she used, she was afraid that anyone else with the same name might become a target for anger or possible hatred that was intended for her.

How old are you? I would prefer not to answer that question.

How long have you been a resident of YoVille? About 3 years.

What prejudice do you have? I am reluctant and somewhat embarrassed to confess that I have any prejudice. But, in all honesty I am prejudice against ninjas.

Do you mean the Zynga Ninjas? No. To my knowledge I have never even met any of the Zynga Ninjas. I am prejudice against the people in YoVille that are dressed in the old Ninja Costumes. I think the costume is from ‘08’.




Why are you prejudice towards residents dressed as ninjas? I am afraid of them. Their faces are hidden and they look sinister and scary to me.

Is it just their appearance that causes you to be afraid? No.

Did something happen to make you afraid? Yes, something happened. When I first began playing YoVille, I was at an event for the grand opening of a resort. It was good fun. There was a good turn out, a nice little crowd of people showed up. Everyone was having a great time, until the ninjas arrived. There was 2 of them. The room was dark, like in a nightclub. The ninjas took different sides of the room. Then one Ninja said to the other “Let’s do this”. I noticed their words were in red. At that time, no one in YoVille could ‘talk’ in color, not like now. Looking back, I remember having the feeling that I should leave, get out fast because something bad was going to happen.

What happened next? Well, like I said, the one ninja said ‘Let’s do this’. Then, all of a sudden the room just froze up. I couldn’t move or talk. I noticed that everyone in the room was frozen. No one was talking either and the ninjas had vanished. I don’t remember now if they *poofed* or walked out of the room, but they were gone.

How did it make you feel? Panicked. I didn’t know if the same thing was happening to everyone, or just to me. I was scared. I was afraid I was being hacked maybe. Was my money being stolen? My identity? Were the ninjas somehow giving everyone a virus? I didn’t know was going on. I felt really vulnerable and powerless. It was very frightening for me.

What did you do when this all happened? I was on the phone with my BFF while we were playing in YoVille. She was the one that owned the resort, so she was at the event too. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t get my avatar to move. I couldn’t get back to my FB page either. My computer was completely locked up. My Bff and I couldn’t find a solution other than a ‘hard boot’.

Did you go back to YoVille that same night? Yes. We were both kinda shook up so we didn’t re-list the event. We were too worried the ninjas would come back. The ninjas had ruined the event and the remainder of the evening. Now, anytime I see a ninja, no matter where it is, if it’s in the Clothing Store, outside Alton Towers, a maxing event, anywhere, I leave.

Are you prejudice toward any other people in YoVille because of their attire? No. I am very friendly and I am a nice person. But, I remain ‘ninja phobic‘. I know that those ninjas from back then were hackers, so my fear is not unfounded, at least not in my opinion.

Is there anything else you would like to add? Yes. That experience happened when I really was still pretty much a NOOB. It was frightening. I almost quit playing YoVille, but my BFF wouldn’t let me.

Our interviewee did not feel one way or another toward people dressed in the ‘08’ Ninja Costume prior to the event you just read about. Because of her experience almost 3 years ago, fear now has a face, wandering the streets and events of YoVille wrapped in a rare, expensive costume.

Have you had an experience in YoVille that has left you prejudiced? If so, have you been able to overcome it? What are your thoughts on the experience of the player we interviewed for this article? Please tell us in the comment section below.

(Special thanks to our anonymous interviewee for being brave enough to share her experience with us)

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