Coin Dealing: Is It Affecting The Game?

YoVilleWe have all seen the events buying and selling YoVille coins for real money. What does this mean for the game?

Okay so we all know that YoVille is one expensive little city to live in. We have outrageous inflation. And we recently got a major raise, but are stuck on a hotdog diet in order to get the extra pay. Don’t you just hate hotdogs?

Now about those coins…. The events are everywhere and we all know of someone selling coins in our town. A long time ago, coins were $100 per million. Then coins started to drop. Now if someone is selling for more than $15 or $20, they are already considered too high. And each time the coins got cheaper, the prices of YoVille items went up. It seems prices rose in YoVille because of the amount of coins residents started having in their Yo pockets to rattle around.

So how does coin selling work?

Coin sellers sell off a bunch of their items in YoVille. And then, the coins that they get from it, they sell for real money. Hence, the coin selling events.

Players resort to coin selling as a form of their livelihood–they consider it their real life job. Coin buyers on the other hand, have resorted to buying from coin dealers because they cannot afford to buy the items they want by just trading, going to the widget factory, doing jobs, collecting nitros, and all that.

For example, an item that used to be 1 million is now 5 million. Thus, in the coin selling market, this 1 million coin item, from $15 is now worth $75.  The increase in coin price of this item has resulted to the increase in price of their monetary value outside the game. Maybe it wasn’t the pricejacking alone that caused the price increase of our favorite items. Maybe we need to look at coin selling AND buying as part of the problem.

What do you think of coin dealing? Do you think it is affecting the game? Tell us what you think below.

**As a reminder – coin selling or buying from a third party other than Zynga is a bannable offense in YoVille. 

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