Agents’ Journal: What’s YoFrustration? Sound Off!!!

No matter how many good things there are happening in the ‘Ville, it’s seldom that many of us do not encounter a person, a place, and event, or a thing that twerks yo last nerve! After hearing your vents, rants, screams, cries, and tantrums, we decided to compile a list of YoFrustrations that we received, observed, and experienced!

1. Hackers - The virtual social deviants of the internet who obviously don’t know how to fill out a job application

2. Scammers - Social deviants who clearly need a real job and a life

3. Impersonator/Fake Agents – They claim to ‘hate’ YoRehab but still try to imitate only through deception

4. New Groups using admins called “Agents” - Can’t you use other officials from the Army, Navy, Marines, Police Force???

5. People who are Rude for no reason - Delusional, self-indulgent, selfish individuals who suffer from low self esteem

6. Whiners - Attention seekers who will never be satisfied on (or off) YoVille

7. Haters - No explanation needed.  You know who you are!  (Ya need JESUS!  lol)

8. Lags - Well, we wanted more animated items, happy now?

9. Glitches - No comment.  Not a fan of this one myself!

10. Gullible  People - Yo’s who fall for every KNOWN scam in the book.

11. Cheaters - People who promise real relationships via YoVille

12. Jealous People – Those who have deep rooted anger issues and need to seek counselling IMMEDIATELY

Unfortunately we do encounter all of the above, along with YoCheaters, YoCreeps, YoBackStabbers, YoLiars, YoUsers and YoAbusers, so know that we at YoRehab feel your pain!

Need to vent?  Can you relax, relate and release?  Care to share?  Sound it off! We wanna hear your side so start typing them in the comment section below! :)

~ Agent DoubleD (whoooooosah … Over & Out )

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