Weekly Debates Series 1: Rage Over Pixels

yorehab debate series rage over pixelsWelcome to YoRehab’s Weekly Debate Series!  Over the course of the week,

we will post questions to our fans about some of the on-going issues encountered on YoVille. Our first series is called “Rage Over Pixels“.

In recent months, we’ve seen the YoEconomy go through some significant changes. Prices have gone up, down, and every which way. The ride seems to excite some players, but sadly, it makes others want to end their YoLives-leave the game, and give all their yobelongings to the new players.

Now the players that DO make it out alive in this war of wills do not always stay away.  Sometimes, for whatever reason, they come back.

The ones that purged pixels from their accounts, came back either harried or with a sense of peace and calm and, while the frazzled scrambled to obtain most, if not all, the new items they missed, the others cared not for the lost treasures, obtaining only the items that pull at their mental-heart strings.

Those that were smart, kept their yobelongings and coins, and simply picked up where they left off, some trying to catch up and others wisely choosing to pick their yopurchase battles. After all, one hundred thousand yocoins doesn’t go as far as it used to.  Most hope that the items they’ve kept have accrued value over the period of time they were gone, and are sometimes devastated to learn that some of their most prized pixels are only worth a fraction of what they hoped.

YoSpeculation can either yield high pay-days, or bigger losses.  We’ve seen items plummet (XL Helicopters anyone?) and others make HUGE headway in the Must-Have game (I will NEVER own Miss Mafia at this rate!).  The tug-of-war between supply and demand has never been bloodier or more volatile.  New scams are being invented all the time; players playing the system, and players playing other players. Players argue over contests, and squabble over prizes. People spend tons of money on game currency. And all to own…pixels.

We’ve all been that player who point-blank refuses to buy YoCash, but it is always only a matter of time until you pull out that credit card or cell phone or paypal account and buy YoCash. It is only a matter of time until something breaks through the walls of self-denial, and you find yourself wanting to bang your head on your keyboard for maxing out your credit card halfway through the month simply because you bought too much yocash. And again, for what?  To pay for pixelated items.

So here’s my first question to you all:

What makes an item made up of pixels a must-have?  What is it that makes it so desirable? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below ;)

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—Agent Amay

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