Weekly Debate Series: Rage Over Pixels (Part 3)

Welcome to Part 3 of our Weekly Debate Series, “Rage Over Pixels”.

There are many reasons why players feel the need to acquire must-have items.  For some, it’s the sense of accomplishment, while others view it as a step-up in a seemingly endless game.

For some playerss, all it takes sometimes is that taste of “richness”–the momentary satisfaction we get when purchasing that long-desired item, or selling those Retro specs you bought “just in case”. Those of us that know better will bask in the momentous feat and enjoy the fruits of our labor, while others, on the other hand, get bitten by the YoVille Trading Bug, and fall prey to the YoHoarders Syndrome–the seemingly uncontrollable urge to satisfy the need to have more.

Players refer to it as an addiction, while others view it as a sickness, and a contagious one at that. Players stock up on items, hoping some will be worth something down the line. It isn’t enough for them to be able to play a modest game. And it seems that this desire to obtain all we can, and at the same time keep all we can in the hopes of cashing in later down the line, is a very strong and seemingly powerful addiction. The more we get, the more we want.

So here’s my final question to you all:

Remember all those shopping sprees, or (YoHoarding sprees in others’ case). All those days of tirelessly hunting that rare item, that collectible, or that costume, and finally being able to purchase the item of your dreams. Was it worth it?  Any regrets? Share your experiences with us in the comment section below!

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–Agent Amay

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