Weekly Debate Series 1: Rage Over Pixels (Conclusion)

Welcome to the conclusion of “Rage Over Pixels.”  We’ll have a new Debate Series for you in the coming days!

The obsession with owning Pixelated items is complicated.  There are a million reasons to own intangible items.  Some of the most common ones have been:

  • For bragging rights – Nothing says YoSuccess like having other players drool over your YoPossessions.
  • For the sense of achievement – Hey, there’s a feeling of euphoria and triumph when you finally obtain that long-awaited item.
  • For investing in your YoFuture - Buy now, cash-in later.  It’s one of the many ways in which players seem to keep a plentiful supply of yocoins.
  • For entertainment and variety –  Want to constantly redecorate?  No problem!  Want to change up your hair and wardrobe?  Easy!!  Need a break from Real Life?  Come on over!

We’ve read stories of players going “too far” to obtain the ultimate YoVillian Dream.  These people may put themselves in debt only to be left empty-handed.  In this case, the purpose of the pixels may have been better served as extra toilet paper.

But there are also stories of those who find balance and realize that less is more if you’re basking in the glory of a dream item and not constantly pining over the nearly-impossible.  A less-stressed YoVillian is a happier YoVillian. Not that all “pixel owners” stress of course.

There are those with an enviable amount of patience that seem to know just when to buy and sell.  These talented individuals seem to lead a charmed life, laughing at those of us who take the game WAY too seriously. So whether you’re the avid Collector, the YoMogul or just your average Joe cruising the yostreets, remember that it IS just a game, albeit a great source of entertainment.

And take comfort!  Moderation can be learned with experience.  It is possible to not have it all and still have enough.

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—Agent Amay

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