Weekly Debate Series 1: Rage Over Pixels (Part 2)

Rage over pixelsWelcome to Part Two of our Weekly Debate Series, “Rage Over Pixels”.

There are two ways in which people determine an item’s value or worth–personal and economical.

Some players think that the worth of an item varies from person to person– that an item’s value differs from one person to another. One person may find an item of great value, while another one might find it boring or less valuable. This is the personal perspective or approach.

Others, on the other hand, think that items are only as valuable as the opinion of the players.  The more people want an item, the higher the price gets.  When demand increases, the price increases as well. And when that item is only available in little numbers (rare), the price then, gets even higher, as more players are willing to pay more to get an item. This is the economical perspective.

Armed with this knowledge, we continue to pay to play.  For some, it becomes the equivalent of an addiction.  They NEED to buy or the day is ruined.

People stated from our last article, that as long as you have self-control over your spending, it’s okay to purchase game currency because it’s a form of entertainment–not any different from going to the movies or a concert. Why not indulge in purchasing pixels as long as it’s not interfering with real life?

Here’s my question:

What drives players to indulge?  Is the pull to have something that’s not tangible that important?  Is it the mentality of wanting to have/own everything at least in our virtual YoVille world? Is it somehow a representation of wanting to own items you don’t have in real life?  Let us know in the comment section below!

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–Agent Amay

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