YoVlog: Stay Safe

Dinky's VlogWhine anyone? Dinky’s back with a Vlog he warns will be a “whine fest.” Do we feel Dinky has something to whine about? I sure do. He tells us how he feels about the latest in game release, and he sure doesn’t seem to like it.

But, in my opinion, even more importantly he talks about all the recent hacking thats taking place in YoVille and gives his opinion on what precautions he suggests players take. He also shares an uplifting message to those that have fallen victim to having their account compromised.

He also gives a special birthday shout out to Agent Platinum, whose birthday recently passed.

Dinky talks about his experiences when he hosts sales dressed in not-so-expensive clothing. He tells us how people see that and assume that he’s not very knowledgeable about the items and there worth and try to get the item for less then its value.

What do you think about all the recent hacking that’s been going on YoVillians? Do you have something to add to Dinkys Vlog? Feel free to comment in the comment boxes below, and remember to like and share this post on Facebook. Thank you so much and stay safe!


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