YoVlog: Hacked

Dinky's VlogDinky is back with yet another YoVlog with some very important things to say. Dinky talks about being hacked and how that makes him feel. Let’s just say he doesn’t feel like most people would expect him to feel, and takes it very well.

He also addresses an ongoing issue in the YoForums. Does he think it’s fair for an Agent to post a thread or comment completely un-related to YoRehab in the YoVille.com forum, yet the thread turns into a war zone? He sure let’s us know! He also talks about how a forum member completely disregarded his  lack of privacy and how they did it.

How do you feel about all the recent hacking going on YoVillians? Do you think all the frustration over recent security issues are the reason YoVillians seem to be fighting with each other? Have any comments on Dinkys Vlog?As always please leave them in the comment boxes below. Thank you and please like and share this post on Facebook.

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