YoVlog: Anniversary Woot!!

Dinky's VlogDinky Do is back and he shares with us several bits of information that you DONT want to miss out on!

That’s right folks! In this Vlog, Dinky talks about a very special event occurring over the next couple of months and that is YoRehab’s very own 100 million coin plus blowout! Woot! You heard it hear first. YoRehab will soon be turning two and what better reason to celebrate than by giving back to the one thing that makes every bit of us possible? Our fans! In celebration of our second anniversary, we have many great events planned over the next two months and are just as excited about it all as you are.

Dinky also discusses another birthday that took place today and that is YoVille’s fourth anniversary! He talks about new releases and just what he thinks of it all.

Another exciting piece of news he tells us about (that is also mentioned in an article previously published by us) is how the news of YoVilles recent hackings have made it to the real world press, and a few comments quoted from Dinky Do himself. These can be read about in an article published here.

YoVillians! Are you excited for the events that are about to take place? Do you plan on taking part of our 100 million coins plus blowout? Do you have any comments for Dinky himself? If so, please leave them in the comment boxes below because we always love hearing from you! Please remember to like and share this article on Facebook so your friends don’t miss out on all the exciting events we have planned for our fans! Thank you!

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