Weeky Highlights: Oktoberfest, Contests, Mini Games & More

Weekly UpdateIt’s that time of the week again. Step inside and let us take you through another fun packed week in YoVille.





Oktoberfest Contest WinnersThe winning designs of the Oktoberfest Design Contest were chosen earlier this week and the winners announced. The winning designs will be showcased and on sale in the fashion store for all to see.



YoVille Update - DefaultFor all those that purchased the Grand Mafia Manor, a Level Up  room contest was announced. YoVillians who level up 7 rooms of the Manor before the end date of the contest would receive a special prize of an Exclusive Police Vs Mafia II gift hamper.



Another great contest was announced this week, one that is becoming a favourite with many. The Halloween Costume Design Contest. You can almost hear the virtual pencils scratching out all those awesome halloween design hopefuls. I can’t wait to see them all.



fashion eventFinally, the in-game Fashion Show Event prize has been announced. A Red Sash is arriving in participants inventory’s delivered a batch at a time. So if you joined in and hosted an event, look out for your prize.




YoVlog - DefaultDinky Do fans were totally spoilt this week as Dinky made not 1, not 2 but 3 Vlogs! He talks about YoCash rates and Menorah hats and events hating on this item. In his 1 year Anniversary Vlog he shares with us his journey and the people he has met on the way. Finally, Dinky shouts out‘ to the lucky few.


agent journal NitrogenNewly appointed Agent Nitrogen made her first Agents Journal entry this week talking about the abundance of Mafia II events and items everywhere she looks. Congratulations Agent Nitrogen on your first great Journal entry.



Agent Kendall rants at Facebook concerning the recent changes, in another or her popular Agents Journal’s speaking on behalf of many if not all of us and pleading with Facebook to leave it alone.



Getting to know the agentsA return of the popular ‘Get To Know Agent….’ series returns this week after a break. Each week it will feature a different agent, giving you all the opportunity to get to know them better. The new series kicks off with Agent Kendall. Join in the fun with the chance to hang out live with the Agents, ask questions and even win prizes.


Yoville News:

Police Vs Mafia IIThe amazing 3 day Police Vs Mafia II sale to end all sales was extended by another 12 hours giving people more time to buy more glorious Police Vs Mafia II items. A great opportunity for some as the extra day coincided with double coins at the factory so folk could recoup and spend again.



As the Police Vs Mafia II sale drew to a close (the first time), a glitch it seems occurred which made the Mafia II Plush Chairs which had been in the sale but on a 12 hour timer, again visible and purchasable for a minute or two before disappearing again. A lucky few were able to purchase these causing widespread controversy.



Co-sign - rally - defaultA coin by cosign fashion boutique was released for all those that wanted to join in the fashion store fun but couldn’t previously because of the YoCash factor.



Oktoberfest Design Contest Winning entries are now in the fashion store available for purchase. These outfits and hairs are awesome, so don’t miss out on them. The final round of fashion items is also in store now.



HalloweenMakeoverAgent Jumba gave YoRehab an awesome halloween makeover this week as well as joining the YoRehab team. The Halloween design is fantastic, we love it. Its really helping us get in the mood for another great YoVille Halloween. Thanks Agent Jumba and again welcome to YoRehab!



A great new mini game has arrived in YoVille, its called Hide & Seek. Just incase you previously blinked and missed this game, it was released earlier on but had glitches so was removed and is now back again glitch-free. Hide the Carbuncle and invite your friends to try to find it, also seek out others Carbuncles. Its a fun litte game, try it out if you haven’t aready.


Another great week in YoVille. What were the highs of your YoVille week? What have you enjoyed most? We would love to hear your thoughts. Please post in the comments box below.

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