Weekly Highlights: YoVille High, Glitches, Scams, And More!

Weekly HighlightsYet another week in the YoWorld has passed. We had a lot of fun things happen last week and more to come!

This week we had some glitches, new scams, a new theme, and more! Check out all the happenings of last week right here, right now!


Forum News: 

YoVille FacebookIt was announced last week that the application page on Facebook for YoVille will feature the winning NYC Poster Designs as the profile picutre!



homecomingHow exciting is that for the winners? In conjunction with the new in game event, the Ninjas have asked you to take photos with your Homecoming Date under the arch and submit them for a chance to win YoCash! To read more about it, click here.


In Game News: 

YoVille UpdateMonday September 5th was Labor Day for the United States. As such, a special release of items came into game. You can see the items here. A new theme was released into YoVille called “YoVille High.” The first releases included a cosigner home, items to do your school with, and a bunch of fun new clothes. It seems that the YoVille Nightclub is currently undergoing renovations. What will it look like when finished? Also, there is a new survey you are being asked to take. The devs want feedback on how you are liking the changed YoVille screen! To take the survey and find out more, click here.  The Raffle ended and the winning number was announced! Another in game event is happening. You have a chance to get a Homecoming Arch by completing the Homecoming Event with help from your Facebook friends.

Buyer Beware: 

Buyer BewareWith all the scams out there in the YoWorld, it is always best to keep yourself informed. This week, there have been a few new scams. If you don’t know about the drum sets in YoVille, you should. For detailed information, click hereIt seems that YoVille is recycling clothing ideas! The YMA clothing and the new nerd clothing look extremely similar. Check out the information here. The last scam this week has to do with the basketballs released this week. You can buy one that is not handheld for coins, and you can buy a handheld one for 10 YoCash. To read more about it, click here.

Glitch Reports: 

Glitch ReportAs we all know, with Zynga games there are always glitches. This week, there is one involving losing money in the new Flip & Roll game. It seems that players may be getting less coins than they have earned. To read all about it, click here. The next one has to do with the new High School Interactive Skating Rink. It seems this will appear as the cheerleaders instead. To get the full scoop, click here.

Zynga News:

zyngaIn Zynga news this week, there was a new game released. Adventure World is similar to Treasure Isle, but more interactive. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should check it out!


Well, that’s a rap for this weeks events in YoVille! What did you think about the happenings last week? What do you look forward to this coming week? Tell us in the comment section below.


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