Weekly Highlights Will Have You Spellbound!

Weekly HighlightsWeekly Highlights time again, with the biggest highlight being the start of the YoVille Halloween 2011 theme – Spellbound! House, furniture, accessories, clothes, hair and more.

Let us take you through the highs and lows of another week in YoVille, we see out more raffles, contests, hoaxes, warnings and prizes. Read on and see what you might have missed.



Design ContestYoVille Halloween Design Contest winners were announced this week and we at YoRehab were on the case bringing you the news as it broke. Read on to see whose designs will be on sale in the store for all to see and buy.



YoVille News:

Spellbound - defaultThe New Halloween 2011 Theme launched this week. The theme named ‘Spellbound‘ is based on Witches and Wizardry. A Spellbound Castle  was amongst the new arrivals, followed by furniture, collectibles and accessories. Later in the week some awesome Witch and Wizards clothing and hairs hit the stores along with more furniture and accessories.  We were then surprised with a late release of some new Spellbound Theme rideables and some other new spellbound items. A weekend release. That was a surprise.


YoVille Update - DefaultShoe News! Are coin shoes that go with anything a thing of the past on YoVille? Have you bought new shoes lately and found that you can’t wear them with the outfit you want to  wear them with? Did you notice that the new Witch shoes were purchasable with YoCash only? Should we be worried? We bring to your attention a few new issues the YoVille week brought to light.


Do you buy Zynga Gamecards? If so, you may want to buy yours from Gamestop, buy and redeem any Zynga Gamecard from Gamestop from now until 6th November and you will get an exclusive collectible. Take a look, there are some nice items to be had.



YoVille Update - DefaultThe Mafia II Level Up Room Contest Prize arrived in lucky participants inventories earlier this week, the awesome hamper containing 3 exclusive Mafia II items  was a little late arriving and for some who participated the prize has not yet arrived. Find details here of what to do if you haven’t yet received your prize.  Just to add,  Crediting Mafia II Hamper is the latest update on the Mafia II Hamper saga, check it out for more info on the elusive hampers.



Magical HerbsHave fun with Magic Herbs on YoVille. Make your own Halloween Costume with these forgotten fun magical mysterious herbs. If you haven’t tried them, you don’t know what you’re missing. Check out this great feature and then head off to events in YoVille and get yours now!



Yo VlogDinky Do speaks up on the new ‘Spellbound’ theme on YoVille, tells of his mischief and plays out with more guitar tunes in pure Dinky style.




Getting to know the agentsYour chance to get the inside info. On another YoRehab Agent in our ‘Get To Know……’ Series, this time its Agent Li’s turn. Find out all you ever wanted to know about all YoRehabs Agents. Find out what they do, what they like and anything you might want to ask – your opportunity to pose your question and be in with a chance to get an answer.


Agent Lyric shares her frustrations in this great Agent’s journal entry, about players who ruin the game for others by using filters, hacking and coding to cause chaos just for the sake of it. Are you tired of it too? Do you wish something could be done to stop it? Drop in and leave us your thoughts.



Agent Kendall is totally besotted with the new Halloween 2011 theme and tells us all about her new found love in her latest Agents Journal entry. She also helps out with a problem with the dead space around our rooms, check it out to find out more.




RaffleOne raffle ended this week in YoVille, the prize was announced then another one begun. This time a two day raffle, the shortest one we’ve had so far. This will be more of a challenge to complete within the timeframe so get to work collecting those tickets if you haven’t already.  Don’t forget to give your friends a hand by clicking on their tickets too as you will also receive one for your trouble.



Hoax Alert was written by Agent Blossom in the hopes of dispelling the myths, rumours and scams going around about the new Facebook changes. Many people are still of the belief that Facebook will be charging its members for use. This great feature will help to set the record straight for some.



It has been discovered that there is a scam doing the rounds at present by a group or individual calling themselves YoRehab Contest’s and attempting to gain log in details by leading unsuspecting facebookers to a fake log in page. YoRehab Contests is nothing to do with YoRehab, it is purely a scam. Read on to find out how to protect yourself.


Thats all the highlights f0r another fun-packed YoVille week. What do you think of the happenings of the week? What were your highs and lows? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.




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