Weekly Highlights – Sweepstakes, 3 Day Sales, Scams And Contests Galore

Catch up with all the highs and lows of the week in YoVille and what a week it was too.  It sure kept us all busy.

What an absolutely jam-packed week we had this week. There was never a dull moment.  So many events, contests and things to do, the weekly highlights will be very full this week so go and grab a nice cuppa before we start.  Indeed where do we start? We have so much to tell you.

YoVille News:

We released a Sneak Peek of the Fashion Design Contest Winning Designs which were to later be released into the stores, don’t forget, you saw them here first!



Coming Soon To A Screen Near You was possibly the most exciting news YoVillians had read in a while, it contained news of exciting up and coming events planned for the coming week, including the announcement of the addition of a new YoVille holiday celebration called Oktoberfest which will be accompanied by a mini-theme. An Oktoberfest Unisex fashion design contest and decor contest would be the first of the up and coming events of the week.  Another announcement in this full-of-surprises article was the soon to be happening Ninja Sweepstakes. 7 days of wishlist granting by the YoVille Ninjas.  Next, as if that wasn’t enough excitement for one article was the show stoppinginformation that Monday 26th September is to be Double coins & XP on YoVille definatly a date for your diary. Planned for Thursday 22nd September was the Create a Fashion show event. The idea of which was to create your own fashion show in YoVille, invite 5 friends and create and event in the events list. On completion of those things, an ‘Exclusive Award would be given’. The final announcement of ‘Coming Soon To A Screen Near You‘ was the promise of a special Log-in bonus for all those who Logged into YoVille on Thursday 22nd September between the hours of 12.01 am (PST) and 11.59 pm (PST). The bonus was to be an ‘Unreleased’ Clothing item. What a busy article that was. So many fun things all in one place!


YoVille UpdateLets start off with Monday, the Voting got underway for the Fashion Studio design Contest Finalists . The winners of which go on to be showcased and be on sale in the store later in the week.



YoVille UpdateStaying with the contest theme, the Nightclub Party Event Photo Contest Winners were announced, the Nightclub Party Photo Contest was held in celebration of the YoVille Nightclub renovations, the winners were CandyBoo, MrRichVIP and Mari-WeddingPlanner. Congratulations to all of you!


Black Ninja announced the first winner of the Best Decorated Home Of The Week congratulations goes to Veronica55 for her Tuscan Villa home design.  A new home or room design wil be picked each week so read the artice to find out how to enter your room or home designs for a chance to win.



The Ninjas announce the new Tweet and Tag Contest, Tweet and Tag your way to 100 YoCash. To find out how, take a peek here.


Voting begins for the Oktoberfest Design ContestsThe winning items will be showcased and up for sale in the stores when the Oktoberfest mini-theme gets  Head on over to pick your favorites now!



YoVille UpdateThe Fashion Design Contest Winners were announced, congratulations to Lionel Toro and Jumba for your fabulous winning designs which are to be released for sale in the store.



Ninja Sweepstakes launched their week of wishlist granting. 5 lucky winners per day will be picked at random to have their wishlist of 5 in store items granted, Ninja Sweepstakes run for 7 days.



Two Categories left the store this week, before they left we announced their 30% discount sale. Mardi Gras and Chinese New Year have now gone. We hope you managed to get any bits you were missing from these 2 ranges before they went.



Ninja Sweepstakes Day One winners were announced, congratulations to the First 5 Winners who were Becky1023, GinaQueen, shoppershell, Lunar Eclipse, & Gangs_Rock.  We hope you enjoyed having your wishes come true.  Ninja Sweepstakes Day Two winners are announced, Congratulations go to the 5 lucky winners Sabrina, Scarlet Yovillian, TenderJuicyHotdogII OrnaMint II and BluCrush who will have their wishlists granted. Ninja Sweepstakes day 3 & 4 Winners announced, Congratulations to EarthbenderA1m, Mr.-V, Hacca, Carbee and FeeFiFobes the winners of day 3 and also to Mrs V, BLUErhinestones, Aewyn and Rho1 the winners of day 4, all will have their wishlists granted.


Its been a week of changes for Facebook and it seems the biggest is yet to come. Take a look at YoRehabs feature on the new Facebook Timeline, coming soon to a screen near you.



The One, The Only Dinky Do Vlogs about Halloween and other stuff. CHECK IT OUT!




Earlier this week we at YoRehab investigated the differences between playing YoVille on Myspace and Facebook and came to the conclusion that Facebook is definatly the place to be, to find out why, read YoVille – Myspace Vs Facebook.



Bling Jacket Log in Gift – A Bit Of A Let Down reported on how the bling jacket - the ‘Unreleased’ item of clothing was received by many YoVillians. To find out why and what was expected or hoped for, take a look.




Glitch Report Sorry Your Purchase Has Been Unsuccessful‘. With the Police Vs Mafia II theme came a whole load of glitches, the worst of them being one which says the above, but takes your money or YoCash for the items also. Some people refreshed and found the items in their inventory, but some didn’t. Take a look to see what other glitches arrived along with the long awaited theme.


In game:

Tuesday saw the release of the Fashion Swanky Cars3 colours available and for coins by co-sign as well as a YoCash price.



Also on this day, round two of the fashion studio furniture arrived in the stores. More great furniture and collectibles to decorate your fashion store or scene.



Totally fabulous new Widget collectible out. Its a new Fashion hat display. Will look great in your Fashion store or even in an bedroom.



Thursday saw the arrival of the log in bonus. All those who logged in between 12 am (PST) and 11.59 pm (PST) received a grey bling jacket which was the promised ‘unreleased clothing item‘.



Thursday also saw the release of new Fashion clothing and hair, also the release of the new fashion design contests winning clothing designs hit the stores!




Also on Thursday was the much anticipated Create Your Own Fashion Show Eventwhere each participant had to create their fashion show and invite 5 friends as well as posting at least one time in events in game. All participants to complete the step were promised an ‘exclusive award‘.



The biggest OMG moment of the year! YoVille announces a 3 day Police Vs Mafia II Sale Event.  A Mafia mansion, Mafia furniture, Mafia and Police clothing and hairs and many more awesome items and collectibles. Flash sales of YoCash and coins available throughout the sale.



Shop & Win comes to YoVille. It is back again after a false start. Shop & Win was removed from YoVille due to glitches, but is now back so you can shop for your favourite Police Vs Mafia II items whilst winning more to reward you for your spending. Take a look and check out the awesome things you can win.



Gold Mystery boxes are back in game. Log in and get yours now!




YoVille UpdateMafia II Plush Chair leaves store. Even though we were told the Police Vs Mafia II Sale was for 3 days, the Mafia II chair was apparently on a timer and was removed from the store after just 12 hours becoming a hugely sought after item and thus commanding high prices in events.



3 day sale causes YoCash rates to rocket.  The popularity of the Police Vs Mafia II items along with the limited time factor that the items are available caused huge price hikes on the sale of YoCash items in Events. Take a look  to see how much people were cashing in on this short theme.



YoVille UpdatePolice Vs Mafia II – Changes Afoot Furniture and collectibles were resized and changed as most of us slept, changes which not everyone was happy with, take a look here to find out the full story.



YoVille UpdateMafia II Lion, Cheetah & White Tiger Back To Original Form Changes were made to thesse Mafia II theme animals yesterday after many had bought them causing unrest with many YoVillians. Zynga ater restored these items to their original form in response to compaints. Take a look for the full story and photos.



YoVille UpdateMafia II Money Bags Back To Original Size  The 3 YoCash Mafia II Money Bags were amongst the items resized yesterday by Zynga. Unfortunately they were only barey visible after – they were later restored to their previous visible state. Look inside for Photos.



YoVille UpdateMafia II Ball & Chain Shoes Return To Store This item mysteriously disappeared from the store without word. It must have been due to a glitch with the item as it later returned to the store. See inside for more details.



Surprise Release For Police Vs Mafia II Including Design Contest Winners There was a shock release of new items including furniture, collectibles, clothing and accessories today, to see what they were, take  look inside. The Winning entries of the Headgear and Handheld Design Contest were also available for purchase amongst the items.


Buyer BewareThe Police Vs Mafia II Event brought with it more than its fair share of Buyer Bewares this week. 5 so far to be exact.  Mafia II Handheld Tommy Gun Vs Mafia II Tommy Gun, Mafia II Don Shades Vs Pm Town Glasses, Police Billy Club Vs Mafia II Handheld Baton, Police Hat Vs Mafia II Police Hat, Mafia II Gold Hat Decor. Please read these Buyer Beware articles to familiarise yourself with the latest scams, therefore reducing the risk of you being scammed.

Well, what a week that was. The busiest week in the history of YoVille I would Imagine. What a fun week it was too. Have you all enjoyed it? What was your favourite bit? What did you join in with? We would love to hear from you. Please post in the comments box below.















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