Weekly Highlights: Ninjas, Interviews, Contests, And More!

Weekly HighlightsYet another week in the YoWorld has passed. We had a lot of fun things happen last week and more to come!

This week we had some glitches, new contests, winners announced, and more! Check out all the happenings of last week right here, right now!

Forum News:

YoVille UpdateThere is a lot of forum news this week! The NYC collectible contest finalists were announced and winners were chosen! Congrats to the designers of the Hot Dog Cart and Marilyn Monroe! The forum ninja team welcomed Sapphire Ninja to the forums and said goodbye to Rose Ninja. Another contest was announced! This time, players were asked to decorate a NYC poster! The forum ninjas have also updated some contest rules! To check out the updated rules, click here. There was another contest announced, the NYC Park Decor Contest! The finalists were chosen for the NYC Poster contest and voting has been opened! The Ninjas are hosting another giveaway for making parties in honor of the YMAs! To get all the info on it, click here.

Glitch Reports: 

Glitch reportIt seems that unresponsive plug in errors and browsing sessions are happening again. There have also been reports of many loading issues. To read more about it, click here.



Facebook News:

Facebook NewsThis week, Facebook announced some changes it plans to implement in the near future. To read about them and what this will mean for users, click here. Since many of the Facebook platforms have changed, here is an easy follow article to add YoVille back to your favorites. If you have the new Facebook game ticker, you may want to check out this article about the controversy.

Special Interview: 

TBYHWe at YoRehab scored another interview with the TBYH gang! This time, we interviewed the duo that hacked the forum. To read the entire interview, click here.



Zynga News: 

zyngaThe people at Zynga have stepped up and talked about ways to keep your account secure. To check out the tips and what they had to say, click here.



Well, that’s a rap for this weeks events in YoVille! What did you think about the happenings last week? What do you look forward to this coming week? Tell us in the comment section below.

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