Weekly Highlights: Glitches Galore, Spellbound And More

Weekly HighlightsThe end of another week is here on YoVille, lets take a look back at the happenings of the week. Another busy one full of glitches, buyer bewares, new actions and YoCash controversy.

Here’s a reminder of the week just passed, a week where contributor articles were a plenty, so thank you to all who joined in and wrote for our blog this week. The Agents were in full voice too it seems with plenty of Agents journals for you to read. Lots of lovely releases, surprise and otherwise, new actions in YoVille and much more. Lets recap the week in Yo.

YoVille News:

Trading Commas were finally added to the trade box in game after many requests from YoVillians over time. This makes adding coins for payment much less confusing for all. A welcome addition to the game, well done Zynga.



New theme - defaultA surprise release arrived early this week, a small collection of items on a nautical type theme to celebrate Columbus day.  A very mini theme to commemorate the day. Part of Zynga’s new drive to celebrate more worldwide holidays.



YoVille Update - DefaultThere’s a new game in YoVille called Dibsits a play once only game which expires after completion. It runs for 6 days and the winner will receive a great ‘dancing broom’. Sound like fun? Did you play it yet?



YoVille Update - DefaultThe first of the long awaited two player actions, the Hi 5 move arrives in YoVille this week. Players have been Hi 5‘ing each other left right and centre all week long, have you tried out this great new move yet?



Crafty CauldronA New Co-sign Home was released alongside the Halloween 2011 theme this week, aptly named the Crafty Cauldron. 15 clicks and 34,000 coins needed to own this awesome new pad.



taxNot good news for some, there is now tax applicable on YoCash and coin purchases dependant on where you live. Take a look at the full article to find out more.





Design ContestThe finalists of the Halloween themed rideable design contest were announced and voting commenced early this week. The winning entries to be on sale in store for all to see and buy soon.



Design ContestThe winners of the Halloween rideable design contest were announced and the winning entries shown. The successful rideable designs will be released into the store for purchase.





Yo VlogOur very own Dinky Do Vlogs about his trip to the Seaside and also talks about the New Halloween 2011 costumes.  Dinky’s Vlogs are always worth a watch, take a look if you haven’t already.




YoVille Update - DefaultFix Eyes Before We Buy is an animated view of the new Spellbound Witch eyes which are set higher than all previous eyes and causing a bit of controversy with YoVillians. The animations show the visual differences between the previously placed eyes and the Witch eyes and also what the new eyes would look like if placed where all other eyes were. Confused? Well read the article, it will explain all.


agent journal - gemA busy week for the Agents this week, the first of the weeks Agent’s journals was written by myself, Agent Gem. A slight rant about the second lot of new ‘moves‘ released on YoVille this week being for ‘rent‘ for YoCash amongst other YoCash issues.



One YoRehab Agent was feeling blue this week. Check out Agent Tls‘s Journal to find out why.




contributorprogramThe Contributor Program for budding writers to join in and write for the YoRehab blog has been busy this week – we have had four contributed articles which are all awesome. Thank you to all who joined in and submitted an article. If you would like to see those articles, which I might add are all well worth a read, then check out these links.  The first contributor article of the week was  Halloween Then And Now, a look at Halloween on YoVille past and present. Falling Apart looks at what the writer sees as the demise of YoVille. Clothing Collectibles Return But Why, the writer talks about the fact that clothing collectibles had stopped being made and have now returned to the stores. The final contributor article of the week is From a Fan Perspective, a contributor gives her insight on the YoRehab Writer Contributor program. All great articles and thanks again folks for your contributions to this weeks blog. Keep those articles coming.

Getting to know the agentsYour chance to get to know another Agent this week, Agent Franko is in the spotlight. Your questions answered in this great feature.



A very interesting Agents Journal by Agent Blossom on Decorating Your Home For Less. Great insight on how to have something for nothing in YoVille. I was impressed and would like to have a go myself, see what you think.



The last Agents Journal of the week, but by no means least is, Agent Franko’s  ’Editing Glitch’ article, which very rightly points out that when anyone edits a room in game where others are present, everyone else stands up, whether they want to or not. Funny, but true. Will it ever be fixed? He asks.



Glitch Reports:

Hot Dogs are not working right this week it seems, many are collecting their usual hot dog rations but getting to the factory to find out their factory workers still sleeping, playing havoc with YoVille funds. Lets hope we can report ‘Glitch Fixed’ on this one soon.



The new ghost collectible costume has a rather sizeable glitch in that when worn, if the wearer speaks in-game, they have no visible speech bubble. This glitch is being looked at by Zynga we are told, read the full article for further details.



Rather a fun glitch report was brought to our attention this week, glitches are not usually fun, but this one is. You can bet it will be fixed quickly for that reason also. Use the new two player actions in YoVille without having rented them. Read on to find out how.



Buyer Bewares:

buyerbeware - DefaultThe buyer bewares of the week are Spellbound Spooky Arm Decor Vs Animated Grave Hand, one is a 2009 item, the other a new free item. Familiarise yourself so not to lose out. The next one is Spellbound Witches Hat Vs Witches Hat Decor, again one is a free item, the other is a Yocash item. A busy week for scammers so it seems, here’s another, Spellbound Animated Vampire Vs Spellbound Animated Dark, slightly different to the normal buyer bewares as both were released for YoCash, one for 7 YoCash and one For 9 YoCash, so be aware of what the one you are trying to buy looks like. The final buyer beware of the week is the New Balcony windows, Spellbound Balcony View Window vs Spellbound Starry View Window both are 4 YoCash and both the same apart from one has stars and a moon and the other doesn’t. Don’t be caught out with these scams and help spread the word to prevent others from being caught out also.

That brings our recap to an end for another Yo-week.  What were the highs and lows of your week? Have any of the glitches affected you? Do you have any comments on the YoVille news items. We would love to hear from you. Please post comments in the box below.

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