Weekly Highlights: Glitches, Flip And Roll, Scams, And More!

Weekly HighlightsYet another week in the YoWorld has passed. We had a lot of fun things happen last week and more to come!

This week we had some glitches, new scams, winners announced, and more! Check out all the happenings of last week right here, right now!

Forum News: 

YoVille UpdateThe winners of the NYC Poster Design Contest were announced! Also, the finalists and the winners for the NYC Park Decor Contest were announced! In conjunction with MTV’s VMAs last Sunday, the ninjas asked players to host a YMA party and take pictures! The best YMA pictures were announced and winners credited! Along with the pictures taken for the YMAs, there was also a process to follow while hosting or attending the YMA events. If you completed the process described in the blog, you were awarded!

In Game News: 

flipandrollThis week, new things happened in game! The Flip and Roll mini casino game was introduced!



YoVille UpdateThe devs upgraded the trading system as well! To read more about the upgrade, click here.



RaffleAlso, another Raffle was unleashed upon us! What will the prize be this time?



Zynga News: 

zyngaZynga is asking for fans to step up and enter a contest that could land you named as “Fan of the Week.”  Do you have what it takes?


Glitch Reports: 

Glitch reportWhat is a week without glitches? Definitely not a YoVille week! This week, there was a glitch with the the NYC Fedora Hat! To read all about it, click here. The other glitch this week has to deal with the new MP3 players released! It seems you cannot wear them with certain clothing items! Click here to check it out!


Buyer Bewares: 

Buyer BewareOh yes, this week was full of scam possibilities! First, there is new Chunky Hair in the game. Do not confuse this with the VDay Chunky Hair though! To check out the scam, click here. There is another scam about the NY Burst Bottle and the NYC Bubble Bottle! To check that out, click here.  And finally, there is another scam about the NYC Yellow Cab and the Yellow Cab decor. To read about it, click here.  Remember to keep yourself informed!

Well, that’s a rap for this weeks events in YoVille! What did you think about the happenings last week? What do you look forward to this coming week? Tell us in the comment section below.

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