Weekly Debate Series 2: YoHoarding: Buried in Pixels

Welcome to our second Weekly Debate Series “YoHoarding: Buried in Pixels”.

YoHoarding is a condition – a condition in which YoVillians hoard absurd amounts of items in their YoHomes and can’t seem to get rid of any or make any headway in clearing any of them out.  We know this.  The reasoning behind this behavior is a bit more difficult to explain.

Some do it for the sheer pleasure of knowing they have all that stuff “just in case” any of it is needed.  How many times haven’t we bought items just to put them in storage and wait until we find the “perfect” place for it?  This happens quite often and people suddenly find one day that those “just in case” items, multiply quite rapidly and quickly outgrow their allotted space.

Others find themselves on a spending spree, buying up items by the dozen simply because they “like” them.  Suddenly, you find yourself with over 500 Ice Queen Pillows and 600 piles of gold and not quite sure what to do with them.  It’s overwhelming!  Some Yo’s will give away when they have items in this type of abundance (believe me, I’ve met some) but there is still a magic number they feel the need to keep, even if they will never use the items.

There are also those that do it simply because they can.  It gives them a boost of self-confidence and a heightened sense of self-worth knowing they’ve accumulated so much.  There’s something to be said about having an account “full” of “rares“.  It causes envy in other players.  This, in turn, means you’ve achieved “yosuccess”.

My question to you all is this:  Why YoHoard?  Is it that hard to stop buying items?  Is the need to buy that powerful?  Let us know!


-Agent Amay

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