Warning: We Have Impersonators!

YoRehab News DefaultYoRehab has been receiving messages about fake in game agents. We would like to clarify this.

YoRehab does not and WILL NOT make events asking  for donations.  No matter how believable they seem, it is not something we do here at YoRehab. We are flattered there are people in game who would like to be an agent and impersonate us, however, it is not appreciated. It’s causing confusion for our loyal fans. There have been events that are being posted in game that claim to be a legit YoRehab event. However, that is not true either. If you’re unsure of who is a real Agent please check out this page, it will show you who is a real agent and their names. If you would like to donate by your own choice however, you can contact our main page. Just leave them a message and they’re sure to get back to you! Just click here to contact YoRehab. This is the only way we accept a donation. We will not ask for them however as previously stated.

This is the kind of event we have been notified that has been posted multiple times in game-

Please don’t donate to these sort of events. It will not be a real Agent or an affiliate of YoRehab running these. It is a total scam and we would hate to see our fans in that situation. It is a shame that someone would be doing this, but we hope our fans can understand!  We love our fans and we’re devoted 100% to them. Please be sure you share this article so that we can get the word out to all our fans about these impersonators. Thanks for being the best fans out there and for continuing to support our page! Here at YoRehab we strive to be the best that we can be for our fans and the YoWorld Community!

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