Get Rich Now: 14 Ways To Earn Coins In YoVille!

Get rich in YoVilleThere are plenty of ways to make coins and get rich in YoVille. Traditionally, getting rich in YoVille involves a lot of hard work, and requires a lot of time. However, there are also ways to get rich quickly.

But it involves spending real money on the game. This article is targeted to discuss ways wherein players can get rich in YoVille–both by spending real money on the game, and by earning coins the conventional way without having to spend a dime.

I. For Big Real Money Spenders

Spending real money is probably the easiest way to get rich in YoVille. This is not usually the first option people look into given the state of economies all over the world. But for the YoVillians who can afford to spend money on the game, this is probably the easiest and quickest way to get rich in YoVille. There are 2 options that spenders can choose from–either buy YoVille Coins, or buy YoCash from Zynga.

Buying YoCoins from Zynga     Buying YoCash from Zynga

YoVille Coins YoCash

But the question is, which is the better option? Which will give you more bang for your buck? The answer is easy. The best thing to do is to buy yocash instead of coins. Why? Let me do the math to make you understand:

If your budget is, for example, $100 USD, when you buy coins, you will only get 70,000 coins. However, if you choose to buy yocash instead, you can get 650 yocash with your $100 USD. The usual ratio of yocash to coins is 2000-2500:1. So if you deal yocash at 2000:1 rate, you can easily get 1.3M coins. So which one would you choose? YoCash of course!

II. For Real Money Savers

Importance of YoVille Neighbors

If you do not wish to spend money on the game, then you have to make sure that you have a huge amount of YoVille neighbors. You can request for YoVille neighbors here. Players that have many neighbors usually get more pay in the factory, receive more free gifts, and so on.

Another alternative would be to post an “ADD ME” in the official YoVille Facebook page, it is a great way to get tons of new neighbors in YoVille. But posting there too much might be considered as spam by Facebook so watch out for how many times you post each minute. Make sure to only post once every minute.

Widget Factory

Widget Factory

Make sure to check in the factory every few hours or every time you have energy. Each time you check in the factory, you can instantly get 600 coins–that is, if you have the amount of neighbors required to get the maximum payout of 600 coins of course. You need to have 200 neighbors in order to receive this maximum pay out.

However, if you want to be able to check in the factory more often, all you need to do is collect energy from your neighbors–lots and lots of energy.

Creating Collectibles from the widget factory is another great way of making money. These widget collectibles are sought after and can be sold in game to earn coins. :)

Leveling Up To 100

On your way to leveling up to 100 you will earn tons of coins, yocash, and rare items. Where you may use the yocash to buy yocash items and sell them for coins in the game, the rare items may also be sold in the game for a good amount. Head over to our complete leveling up article on how to reach level 100 in one day, the cheapest and most effective way. You can do so, by clicking HERE.

YoCash Dealers

The word “dealer” may have a bad connotation to it, but in this case, it is a little different. YoCash dealers are simply players that purchase yocash items and sell them in the game for coins.

Your strategy here is to find a yocash dealer in game (by making an event in parties and music or under trading saying “Need YoCash DeaLer”)

The Yocash Dealer will sell yocash items to you in exchange for an amount of coins, you may sell these items for a higher price than what you bought them for from the dealer in order to make a profit. It is advisable that you sell yocash items right after a release for players tend to flock to sales that sell the newest items.

Yocash Dealers may have different rates per yocash. For example, an item is 4 yocash and your dealer’s yocash rate is 2000 coins to 1 yocash. So your total for that item in coins would be 8000 coins. So the lower the rate of your yocash dealer, the higher the profit you will make.

Coin Running

Visiting 25 of your neighbors a day will earn you an estimated total of 375-500 coins per day. In order to get the upper value, you need to write messages in your neighbor’s apartment.

Do not forget to do your coin runs because they are only allowed once a day.



Jobs is another alternative to the factory if you have the time to spend because doing jobs in YoVille will earn you more money than the factory. You can earn up to around 1,300 coins.

Doing jobs will earn both money and a rare item (which can then be sold in the game)

Also, having many neighbors is important for jobs because when you run out of energy you may ask for more by posting on your wall.



You can earn up to 200 coins per day just by playing and winning games like Tic Tac Toe and Rock Paper Scissors.

There are events that are made just to “max others”. Players hold maxing parties to help others get their 200 coins each day. So make sure to watch out for these events and join in.


You can also earn coins by heading out to the beach and going fishing, or racing for a win in the speedway racing matches.


Each time you log in YoVille, you are given tokens which you can use to earn coins in the Casino. So make sure to log in as often as you can!

Taking Photos


Each day, players are given chances to take photos starting with five films, with each film can earn you up to 20 coins, 20 points and an extra film. You can earn up to 25 films off of your original five.  You can earn up to 500+ coins a day by taking photos.

Mystery Boxes, Gifts and Chests


Although opening mystery boxes, gifts and chest is a complete gamble, you can make coins opening them. There is no set amount that a player can receive in a day, it all depends on luck and how many gifting neighbors you have. The more gifts you open the better chance you have to receive coins. Most of the new gifts hold coin prizes between 5 – 2000 coins.

Always make use of the silver mystery chests and keys whenever they are available because these free gifts contain around hundreds to thousands of coins each. And make sure to gather them together first, and try opening many of them at the same time. Doing this will get you more coins. Make sure to send and accept the special delivery boxes as well for these boxes contain Silver Mystery Chests and Keys in them.


One of the most popular ways to earn coins in the game is by finding cheap deals in the game and reselling these items for a profit. However, the tricky part is knowing what items can be resold to make profit. There are many things to consider when buying items you want to be able to resell:

a. Demand- Is the item in demand right now? If the answer is yes, then go ahead and buy that cheap deal because you’re more or less sure that you will get to make some profit from reselling it.

b. Season- Is the item you are planning to buy for the purpose of reselling in season? Items are more easy to resell when you sell them at the right time. If you sell a Valentine item around January, you will definitely have an easy peasy time getting rid of it and making profit. However, if you try to sell Christmas items around February or March for example, you will not have an equally easy time reselling it.


Some players stock up on multiples of some items in the hopes that they will be worth more one day. This is however another risky gamble for not all items are sure to get higher in price even after they leave the store. Investing on collectibles and seasonal items like Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Halloween are a great way to make profit;however, the wait time is usually longer for these items only rise in value a year after–around Valentine’s, Christmas, and Halloween season–most of the time.

There you have it! 14 ways to earn coins, get rich, and make money online in YoVille! Do you know of any other ways to make money in YoVille? Tell us in the comment section below.

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