How To: Remove An Event When It’s Stuck

With all the new updates coming to our wonderful YoWorld, there is expected to be glitches. One in particular would be having your event stuck and not being able to host another.

Many people are having the same issue, especially for the people who host large events such as CTC’s and Pageants. It can be a total hassle not being able to control your event while hosting. But fear no more! We have done some research and found some possible tips that may help you. If you’re not a forum user yet, don’t worry – we have you covered!

While browsing the forum we came across a very helpful thread that one forumer mentioned should be in the How To: section. So, we took up her suggestion and brought you a How To:. If you’re not careful how soon you make a new event, you could possibly be stuck running that event for 20 minutes +. That can cause all kind of issues.  Hosting a pageant the other night, was very interesting. As I could not end the event and I had to unlock for contestants to refresh. A ton of people popped in and I had to ask them to leave and complaints flew all over the room due to the event not being taken down. As bad as I felt I still had to ask them to leave unfortunately.

Here is a great tip left on a thread on forums.

If you made an event and forgot to cancel the current one you’ll be stuck for 20 minutes but don’t worry there’s a solution! Lock the door ” that way the current event ends ” then unlock and host a new one, as simple as that ^_^

Thanks 3l Joker for sharing this

- Forumer “AA GLEEK”

As the YoWorld continues to grow and change, you can guarantee we will be here to help spread the word about any news or major changes! So please be sure to share and pass on this information with your friends. Have you had any other problems with events? Did this happening ruin an event you were hosting? Do you have any other helpful tips? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!

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