How To: Delete Unwanted Homes & Avenues

Here we show players how to get rid of unwanted homes and avenues…

When Zynga owned YoVille, players asked the company to remove unwanted homes and avenues, but it was very ‘hit and miss’ with some players getting a response whilst others were ignored.

Now that YoWorld is owned by Big Viking Games, players are wondering if they will have more success with clearing up their unwanted properties. Well, it’s looking very promising. Both Agent Alby and Agent Lyric have contacted the Vikings to ask to have homes deleted, and in both cases they were successful.

Here you can see the response which Lyric got from Viking Winston (just click on the image to enlarge it):

It’s so easy to have your homes deleted. Just empty each home, make sure they are not attached to any avenues, then rename them ‘DELETE’ and contact the Vikings.

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