Glitch Report: Red Flame Priestess Hair

Glitch Report DefaultWearing this hair makes your avatar’s face disappear…

The latest release of ladies’ hairs has brought a new glitch, though only the red version seems to be affected. Players are reporting that when they try to wear the Red Flame Priestess Hair, their faces disappear. This hair costs 18 YoCash, so of course it will have come as a shock to some players who cannot afford to waste their YoCash, or YoCoins if bought through a dealer/the auction house.

Agent Alby decided to try the hair on in edit mode, and this is what happened:

Forum member Butterfly made a thread about this over in the Bugs & Bug Reporting forum, and posted a picture of her friend wearing the hair in game:

Some players actually like this feature, thinking it a fun thing. As yet there appears to have been no response from the Vikings, but as soon as we hear anything we will update this article.

Yo’s did you know there was a glitch with this hair? If you did, did you still go ahead and purchase it? Are you hanging onto your money until there is confirmation that the glitch has been fixed? Please tell us what you think about this matter by posting below.

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