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Finally, a Ninja posts…

For weeks now, as quickly as YoVillians have posted about Big Viking Games attempting to buy YoVille, the Ninjas have been closing and deleting the threads. It hasn’t just been the protest threads that have gone bye-byes. Even polite threads asking what is happening have been removed. Now, however, Zynga has instructed a Ninja to update players on the state of negotiations between the company and Big Viking Games.

This is what Community Analyst, Ivory Ninja, had to say:

Howdy YoVillians!

We are in ongoing discussions with Big Viking Games about the possible sale of YoVille.

We don’t take the decision to sunset a game lightly, and want you to know that we are listening to your feedback as we continue to explore potential options for YoVille.

Ivory Ninja and the Yoville team

It doesn’t tell us any more than what we have already learned from the Greg Thomson and Clive Downie interviews, but the fact that a Ninja has actually posted and left the thread open for discussion can only be seen as a positive thing.

You can read the thread and leave your own responses here.

YoVillians, are you pleased to finally see a statement from a Ninja? Does this update reassure you that YoVille may be saved? Please tell us what you think in the comment box below.

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