YoUniversity & YoWorld Mobile Companion – Plus Double YoCoin Bonus For Watching Ads!

 New YoUniversity releases, plus a new way to play Yo, and more YoCoins for those able to view ads.

Here we take a look at the latest YoUniversity releases. There is also a new way to play Yo, and bonus YoCoins are available for watching ads – but can you view them?

We start our review of the last few days in Yo with Thursday, August 25th. The releases kicked off with the day’s hair mystery box – a Shaved Side Hair which came in nine random colors. This was followed by the Day Two Deal. $5 gave players 50 YoCash, 250,000 YoCoins, plus one of five Bean Bag chairs.

Next came the announcement that there was a new way to earn coin, YoCash, and win Yo items. Details of the new YoWorld Mobile Companion can be found over in the YoWorld Forums, here.

The following day saw a new High Top Bangs hair mystery box, which proved extremely popular because of the three multi-color hairs. The black White version, although not the most rare, sold very well through the Auction House.

A pop-up announced that, between August 26th-29th, players would get double YoCoins for watching ads. Unfortunately, many players found their television icon grayed out, meaning they could not watch any ads.

The Day three Deal cost $40 and for that, players got 5,000,000 YoCoins and a Cascading Coin Waterfall. This was followed by the release of a new YoU Greek House.

August 27th kicked off with the Day Four Deal. Players were offered three YoCash deals. The $9.90 Bronze Deal consisted of 100 YoCash, 350,000 YoCoins, plus Party hard NPC Pack.  For $49.90 players got the Silver Pack – 350 YoCash, 500,000 YoCoins, Frankie the Frat Dog yober, plus Bronze Pack items. Then, for $99.90, players got the Gold Pack – 1,000 YoCash, 1,000,000 YoCoins, 26 Greek House Party Furniture Items, plus Silver and Bronze Pack items.

Later in the day, more Greek House decor items were released,along with the Yox Face Case and Greek House Party clothing.

Sunday, August 28th saw the release of the latest Summer Sale items. Players could purchase a TV Head for 1,100,000 Yocoins or a Stereo Head for 50 YoCash. they could also treat themselves to an Interactive Porch Swing for 25 YoCash, an Interactive Keg Stand for 25 YoCash – or both for 39 YoCash. then came a variety of brightly colored Jensport Backpacks for 50,000 YoCoins and 75,000 YoCoins. These all sold out very quickly.

The Day Five Deal cost just $1 and for that amount, players got 10 YoCash, 50,000 YoCoins, plus one of four Outdoor Sofas.

How are you enjoying this current YoUniversity theme? Are you tired of the daily hair mystery boxes? Do you like the new Greek House?

What about the new YoWorld Mobile Companion? Have you downloaded it yet? Have you received double coins for watching ads, or are you having trouble viewing them?

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