YoCash Glitch – What You Need To Know

YoWorld was taken down for maintenance for a while today while BVG fixed a glitch with YoCash.

Rumors started going around of a hack with YoCash as an influx of events selling YoCash hit YoWorld. While there is no hack, there was a glitch that gave people buying YoCoin YoCash instead. This is according to Gary’s post in the forum:

“Through a series of unlikely events, an unfortunate glitch was pushed out today which essentially allowed people to get YoCash instead of YoCoins when purchasing currency. A few players sent us some messages, and as soon as we were able to verify there was an issue, we took the game down.

Around 60 players, instead of reporting the issue to us, decided to load up their accounts with this ill-gotten YoCash. Some traded it to alts, some bought out auctions, some gave it to friends, some traded it for YoCoins to legitimate people. A brief reminder that intentionally exploiting game glitches is against our Terms of Service and carries a permanent account ban, as these people have now found out.”

You can read Gary’s entire thread here.

Gary goes on to say if you got YoCash from another player through a legit trade, you will be unaffected. If you did buy YoCash from a player today (Nov 3), you may want to contact support to be on the safe side. Anyone who got YoCash through the glitch is advised to contact BVG. They have removed the YoCash from the players who received it through the glitch, so the game goes on as before.

What do you think about taking advantage of this glitch? Did you buy YoCash from another player? It is nice to see BVG on top of things and getting this taken care of right away and communicating with players what it going on. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


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