Why Big Viking Wants To Save ‘YoVille’ From Zynga’s Axe…

Albert Lai and Greg Thomson speak out…

Big Viking co-founders Albert Lai and Greg Thomson have given an interview to Forbes, explaining why they decided to step in and try to buy YoVille back from Zynga.

They have explained that they did not set out to acquire YoVille back from Zynga when the shut-down was announced. It was the public outcry by so many YoVillians which persuaded them that attempting to buy the game back was the right thing to do. Albert lai ‘reached out’ to Mark Pincus and was pleasantly surprised to see how quickly Zynga responded. Since then there have been ‘multiple interactions’ between the two sides.

YoVillians are wondering what changes will be made if Big Viking is able to purchase YoVille. Albert and Greg are unable to comment about whether they would be able to keep the YoVille name but stated that they were aware that bringing back events was top of many YoVillians’ wishlists and that they would listen to the fans to see what they wanted. the initial plan would be to sort out features that had been disabled, make the game stable again, then work to improve the game and hopefully bring in new players.

You can read the full article here.

YoVillians, are you reassured by this article. does it give you hope that Zynga will do the right thing and sell to BVG or are you still worried that the game will close on March 31st. Please leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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