What, If Anything, Does March 31st Hold For YoVille?

Rumors abound, leaving YoVillians wondering…

Tomorrow is March 31st – the date which was originally marked as the day for YoVille’s closure. Following the initial announcement, there was a further announcement on February 6th where it was stated that Zynga was in talks with Big Viking Games, then came a second update on March 5th, where it was stated that the game was not going to close on March 31st.

This latest announcement was taken in different ways by different people. Some were jumping up and down, totally convinced that the game had been saved, whereas the more cautious saw it as a ‘stay of execution’ while the two companies continued their negotiations.

Then, everything went quiet. There was no further word from either Zynga or Big Viking Games. The silence was soon broken, though, as rumors started to circulate.

On one Facebook page which we are unable to name, a YoVillian stated that she had received word from a third party that Zynga’s contract with the YoVille servers is due to end on March 31st. Now obviously we cannot say whether or not this is true, but if this is the case, then unless Big Viking Games takes over YoVille on that day, the game will go down. This seems extremely unlikely because surely Zynga would, legally, have to give its players notice of that happening? We have been previously told that the game is not ending tomorrow, but how can it continue if the servers go down? On reflection, we think that players can dismiss this rumor as just that – a rumor.

Over in the forums, things are equally quiet. Despite a number of youngsters running wild, being extremely vile and hateful to others, there does not appear to be any current moderation. Which leads to the second rumor which, actually, does make more sense. Apparently the moderators’ contracts are also due to expire on March 31st. They will still be moderating other forums, but not YoVille’s. It has also been said that Zynga has no plans to renew or hire anyone to moderate the YoVille forums. You can read more about this here.

So… Is tomorrow ‘D-Day’ for YoVille or will the game just continue as is until Zynga and big Viking Games finally draw up a contract? Here at YoRehab, we tend to think it’s the latter, but there’s nothing like a good rumor to keep people on their toes!

In the meantime, we are all waiting patiently for Zynga and Big Viking games to give us some news.

YoVillians, what are your thoughts about tomorrow? Do you think that players will get an update, or do you think that the day will pass without anything happening? Please leave your thoughts in the comment box below, then like and share this article. Thank you for supporting both YoVille and YoRehab.



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