Welcome to YoUniversity 2016

Summer vacation is just about over and it’s time for the younger Yo’s to think about getting back to their studies if they want to do well in life. Welcome to YoUniversity 2016!

Players had fun with the newly opened theme park, but it was time to start thinking about their futures. A good education is essential if they want to get on in life. What better place to get that education than YoWorld’s very own YoUniversity?

The new theme launched on Monday, 22nd August, with the release of free YoU Sweaters. Available in a choice of four colors, it was one of each color per player. These were followed by a new hair mystery box. The 9 YoCash Crazy Coiffeuse box offered ladies the opportunity to own one of eight random colors, with the added chance of getting one of two rare colors. It was announced that, between August 22nd-26th, there would be a brand new hair mystery box each day.

The next day saw the release of the second hair mystery box. This time, the gentlemen were offered the 9 YoCash Pixie Cut box. This box offered one of nine colors, with two rare colors to win. For players low on YoCash, there were two Power Pickle Packs. The $24.99 pack offered 150 YoCash, 350,000 YoCoins, plus various Pickle goodies, and the $9.99 offered 75 YoCash, 150,000 YoCoins, plus Pickle goodies. For those players unable to spend real money, there was a free Pablo the Power Pickle shirt and HH Pennant.

Later in the day came the announcement of a a special ’7 Days of Deals’ offer. For $10, players got a coupon book which offered 15% off specially marked deals between August 24th-31st. Was this a good offer? That would, of course, depend on what the deals were, and whether players liked them or not.

August 24th started with the next hair mystery box. This time it was the turn of the ladies again. The Braided Band hair mystery box contained a random selection of nine hairs. This was followed by the new College Yard Avenue and decor, which included a YoU Entrance Sign for 11 YoCash, a YoU Founder Statue for 15 YoCash, or both as a bundle for 19 YoCash.

The Day One Deal cost $10 (without a coupon) and consisted of 250,000 YoCoins, 100 YoCash, plus Interactive Beer Pong. this was followed by a Student NPC Pack for 25 YoCash and a Club Table Pack for 20,000 YoCoins.

What do you think of the new YoUniversity 2016 theme? Are you still young enough to go, or does it bring back distant memories of your school days? How do you feel about a new hair mystery box each day? Are you worried that so many hair releases in such a short period of time will stop hairs from being good investments in future? Did you purchase the $10 coupon book? If so, has it worked out to be a good deal?

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