Summer End Yard Sale, Dollar Deals, And More YoUniversity Releases

It’s nearly the end of Summer, and the Vikings decided to treat players to some awesome offers…

It’s been an awesome Summer in YoWorld, but the year is rolling on, and as we turn our thoughts to Autumn, the Vikings thought it would be fun to hold a Summer End Yard Sale. Did you manage to pick up a bargain or two?

September 1st dawned and there was a very special release waiting for Yo players logging into the game. They were offered the opportunity to own their very own version of the Server Snake game. The arcade machine version was not cheap at 29 YoCash, but judging by the forum feedback, players really seemed to love it.

The next day saw the release of a Jackpot Aquarium. Animated and costing 19 YoCash, each player purchasing the aquarium would see their name entered into a draw to win YoCash.

September 3rd saw the start of the Summer End Yard Sale. The first release comprised of a Propeller Hat for 7 YoCash, a variety of Cat Yobers for 7 YoCash, an Animated Talking Mouth for 7 YoCash, a Green Cog Fascinator for 5 YoCash, and a HH Spotted Elephant for 3 YoCash. A little later came a new female hairstyle – Split Pigtails – which cost either 18 YoCash or 60,000 YoCoins, depending on the color, along with Bangs and Hair Extensions.

The following day saw decorating Yard Sale items. The Interactive Bouncy Cake cost 17 YoCash, the Flowing Pot Fountain cost 15 YoCash, the Scorpion Chair cost 7 YoCash, the Washer & Dryer Pack cost 9 YoCash, and the Animated Clock Cat cost 10,000 YoCoins.

A little later, a new YoUniversity decorating release rolled into Yoworld. The living room release included a Traditional Fireplace for 15 YoCash. Then, there was a new Yard Sale clothing release .

September 5th arrived, and with it a rather unusual ‘Pizza’ costume. Players could buy decorated costumes, or go for the ‘plain base’ and choose their own ‘toppings’.

A new Dollar Deal was unveiled on September 6th, along with the winners of the Jackpot Aquarium draw, and September 7th  gave players a new YoCoins deal.

Yo players, how did you like this week’s releases? Did you enjoy the Summer End Yard Sale? Were you ‘Yo-broke’ by the end of it? Perhaps you decided to save your YoCash and YoCoins for Halloween instead?

Whether it was ‘yay’ or ‘meh’, we would love it if you could leave your thoughts below, then like and share this article. Thanks for supporting YoRehab. You are the best! :D


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